Say Goodbye to Patchy Sideburns

Hair is an essential aspect of the personality whether they are on the scalp or on the beard area. Irrespective of gender, people are getting more distressed about their hair. They believe that stronger and longer hair enhances their personality and look. In the present era, a large frequency of people is facing hair loss. According to the research, people are opting for hair transplant techniques to overcome hair loss. However, men are still disquieted about sideburn hair loss. Because the hair on the sides of the face becomes overall weak, clumpy, or absent. But now with the advancement in the era, you can Say Goodbye to Patchy Sideburns with a Sideburn hair transplant in Dubai.

What is it?

Hair loss occurs when there is an inadequate amount of protein in the body. The body does not get enough amount of protein which causes the hair to become thin and brittle and eventually fall out. Simultaneously, when the facial hair on the sides becomes frail and uneven they also start to descend. This causes the beard to look less prominent and profuse.

Side Burn Hair Transplant in Dubai is a slighter encroaching process. It helps to promote the growth of hair on the face sides by using different methods. Moreover, it gives the beard a properly defined shape with an adequate amount of hair.


Innumerable variables, including the patient’s general health, the fineness of the hair of the donor, and the doctor’s ability, will strike the outcome of a sideburn hair transplant. Patients may often anticipate an improvement in the thickness and density of the hair in the transplanted region. With appropriate maintenance, the effects are long-lasting and ought to last a lifetime.

Sideburn hair transplants can assist to reshape the hairline and produce a more natural-looking appearance in addition to increased hair density. Patients often feel no discomfort throughout the treatment. The majority of patients recover quickly and may resume their regular activities within a few days.


Hair fall in the sideburn area is a major issue for the men who revere their beards. This procedure operates on an indistinguishable pattern from other hair transplant surgeries. Many methods, such as follicular unit extraction (FUE), follicular unit transplantation (FUT), and other hair restoration methods, can be used to carry out this process. However, the decision about the operation is entirely up to the patient. 

  • After analyzing the general health and past health history of the patient, the doctors suggest some pre-procedure guidelines to the patient.
  • Once the patient is prepared for the treatment, the doctor initiates the treatment by examining the treatment area.
  • Disinfects the treatment area and delivers the anesthesia in the specific area.
  • The individual hair follicle can be extracted with the use of an extraction tool. Afterward, the doctor arranges the grafts according to size and form.
  • The surgeon makes little lacerations in the recipient area before the harvest action. They focus particularly on this action to create them with needles.
  • Places the assembled hair follicles in the transplant area cautiously.
  • The entire procedure just takes two to three hours to finish. Nevertheless, the duration may change depending on the person’s desired outcomes.


Following the aftercare instructions is essential after each and every surgery. These regulations resemble a hair transplant in this situation. Although most individuals find it difficult to adhere to these rules yet they are an essential component of the whole treatment. Because it makes outcomes more long-lasting and effective.

  • Avoid using heat and chemicals there.
  • Don’t use aspirin or other blood-thinning medications anymore.
  • After the process, avoid showering or rubbing the regarded region for a week.
  • Don’t touch the treated region excessively.
  • Frequent check-ups with your physician.
  • Refrain from consuming alcohol and smoking for a few days.
  • Delay for a while participating in strenuous activities.


This surgery is the ideal option for you if you have bald spots, thinning hair, or uneven sideburn hair. This therapy offers many advantages, but it also has some negative effects, such as burning, redness, itching, and tingling. These after-effects can be tolerated because the doctor recommends following up on care measures. It offers patients a variety of advantages. We’ve highlighted some of them below.

  • Conceals any scarring, even acne scars on the face.
  • Provide the males who are concerned about not having sideburns with a solution.
  • Gives patients outcomes that are evident and natural.
  • Helps you develop fuller, more realistic-looking sideburns.
  • A safe technique that leaves no scars or stitches
  • Reduces the interference that uneven sideburns cause with facial symmetry.
  • The speedy and effective healing process.
  • Makes the features of the face more appealing.

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