Your teeth are the first thing to be noticed more than any other. They are not just chewing and grinding machines but rather an ornament one wears. Not having a complete set of teeth or missing teeth is very displeasing. Conventionally removable dentures were used followed by fixed bridges. However, they are now replaced with dental implants. Dental implant is a very effective permanent treatment for the replacement of teeth. However, the procedure is very lengthy. The good news is we now offer Same day dental implants in Dubai so that our valued patients do not need to bear the hassle of the extended and prolonged procedure.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are permanent or fixed dental appliances that are placed within the extracted socket for the replacement of the missing tooth. The treatment is the right choice for those who do not want to wear dentures as the hassle for removing and placing it back is exhausting.

What is the procedure of dental implants?


Before getting a dental implant or a same day dental implant your dental surgeon will examine your oral cavity. The fitness of the bone, condition of the gums and other things will also be assessed. When everything dems fine the dental surgeon will decide the surgery

Initial preparation:

Prior to the treatment the patient needs to undergo certain tests that can qualify him/her for the implant. Patients with diabetes or hypertension will be informed beforehand about the delayed healing. Patients with blood thinners are told to stop them till the surgery. The patient is then prepared for the implant.


Your surgeon will then administer local or general anesthesia to create numbness and block the pain channels.

Screw placement:

The bone of the socket to be replaced with the implant is drilled for the insertion of the implant supported screw. It is then tightened, the screw is retained within the bone for healing and to fuse within the socket. For conventional implants the screw is left in the jaw bone for healing fusion for about 6 months. However, this is not the case with the same day dental implants.

Artificial tooth placement:

When the screw is placed in after the healing, an artificial tooth is placed and tightened over the screw.

Final adjustments:

When everything is completed the patient is assessed whether the patient is complying well with the implant or not. The patient is sent home with post operative instructions.

Conventional dental implant Vs Same day dental implant

Conventional implants are very lengthy and require around 6 months of healing. Whereas the same day dental implants in Dubai are short and done in a single visit. Same day dental implants not just save time but also limit the number of visits to the hospital.

What is the cost of same day dental implants ?

Since the procedure is complex and effective the same day dental implant cost in Dubai is variable. It is a very cost effective treatment and requires very less time

Why to get same day dental implants?

  • To get a wide bright smile
  • To replace missing teeth
  • To save time from lengthy procedures
  • To smile with confidence
  • To get rid of the hassle by removing and inserting dentures .

Why choose us!

If you planning to get a same day dental implant in Dubai , we are the right fit for you, here’s why:

  • Clean and peaceful environment
  • Skillful and experienced professionals
  • Sterilized instruments
  • To get your smiles transformed into very beautiful smiles

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