Russian lip fillers

You know that Dubai being a cosmopolitan place and a country where the race for looking beautiful and charming never ends. Every single day there is a new trend that rages extremely fast in the entire nation. Among all those trends, the Russian Lip Fillers in Dubai are the new aesthetic treatment people are getting in order to get the perfect Russian Lips. They give more thrill than the classical lips.

Why are Russian lips Highly in Demand?

We all know that Russian women are always adored and praised for their beauty. Each of their racial features complements one another.  When we talk about their lips they are the most beautiful creations. 

They are well proportioned, evenly contoured, the upper lip is slightly Plummer than the lower lip and the cupid’s bow is well highlighted and defined. 

These naturally occurring features are very eye-catching and so the aestheticians decided to introduce a kind of filler that can give a kind of Russian lips look hence the name of the filler.  

What are Russian lip Fillers?

Russian lip fillers consist of Hyaluronic acid into them. This injection is then inserted into the lips to give you the best recognizable and eye-catching lips that will closely give you a resemblance to Russian lips.  

What are the Sole Benefits of Russian lip Fillers?

  •  The procedure does not involve any surgical intervention.
  •  Instantly gives you the bigger and plumber pouty looks of the lips.
  •  Enhances and contours each and every border of your lips.
  •  The results are closely related to the natural look.
  •  A final goodbye to thin and undersized lips.

Russian lips Vs Classic lips:

People also go for the classic Lip fillers and the choice of choosing between Russian lips Vs classic lips has always been a battle. Before choosing Russian lip fillers in Dubai over the classic lips have a closer look at their differences: 

Difference in the Outline:

As far as the classic lips are concerned the lips generally make a heart-shaped  especially the upper lip. The cupids bow is quite well highlighted and the edges of the cupids bow look  protruding outwards. 

As in the case of Russian lips the height of the lip is increased starting from the cupid’s bow to the center of the nose.  This gives an illusion of a shorter length of the philtrum.

Texture and Core:

The Russian lips because look more pouty and firm the surface and texture looks slightly rough as compared to that of the classic lips  

when classical lips are viewed from the side they give more like a pinkish juicy effect. 

Anatomical Differences:

According to aestheticians Russian lip Fillers in Dubai are subjected to give you the famous “bratz doll look”. The lower lip slightly drools downwards giving a reshaped appearance opposite to the chin.

Nevertheless this is not the case with the classical lips. Lower lip is more flat and less pouty. 

Risk factors:

If you are getting a classical lips treatment then know that you will not face any kind of side effects or risk factors later on. 

However this is not the case with Russian lip fillers. People have reported that mild to moderate swelling along with some bruising at the injection site has been observed but it eventually settles down completely by the end of the third week. 

The Final Verdict!

Give yourself a shot of Russian lips filler in Dubai and then see how glamorous you look.  Your entire facial profile will look more bold, beautiful and attractive. Book your appointment with an esthetician in the dynamic clinic UAE and avail a free consultation with free follow-ups. This offer will end soon therefore grab it right now.