Revision Bariatric Surgery Cost in Dubai

Bariatric surgery may need to change for a variety of reasons. The beauty industry is developing. Having the finest version of yourself is now possible. Thanks to surgical surgery and dermal fillers. The most wonderful technique is bariatric surgery. Sometimes referred to as weight reduction surgery. Because it not only produces amazing results. But it also saves a significant amount of time and effort over the long term. It is crucial to remember that the road to this kind of weight loss is quite challenging and full of ups and downs. Because you may feel adverse consequences. And individuals regain the weight. But, there is no need to be concerned about the costs. Because we are offering cheap treatment. If you want to know the Cost of Revision Bariatric Surgery in Dubai? Then keep scrolling.


Revision Bariatric Surgery in Dubai is an aid in correcting or changing the shape of the body. It is also post-treatment for surgical weight loss. If you’ve had less-than-ideal weight gain or weight decrease. Or if you had issues with your previous system, it might be appropriate. More common issues include abscesses, pouch enlargement, and lap band loosening. Although gastric bypass and stomach sleeve modifications need more intention. They are more complex surgical procedures than the original bariatric procedures. Our skilled physicians have a wealth of experience in these procedures. To determine the reason. We will examine your case to determine why your previous treatment was unsuccessful. In this approach, we can assist you in achieving the finest outcome by employing the best process.

Ideal Candidates:

As in most cases, there is no need for revision. But, in some cases and with inadequate aftercare. This leads to many problems in resolving this issue. Applicants need to follow procedures. The following are eligible candidates:

  • If your original bariatric therapy did not result in ideal weight loss.
  • if you have gained a considerable amount of your extra body weight back.
  • You may need revisional weight control surgery.
  • If applicants are only losing a little weight.
  •  If you had issues after your original treatment.
  • If the applicant wants extra weight loss.
  • If applicants are unhappy with the results of their Weight Loss Surgery,
  • If you experienced issues following your operation,
  • If your digestive system is causing you trouble,
  • If your surgery failed, and you gained weight instead,
  • If you have gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)
  • If gastric band ports are harmful.
  • If you have diabetes.

How Does it Work?

  • The modification method is non-surgical.
  • It helps by restricting the capacity of your belly by lowering its accessibility.
  • A bariatric revision helps you start losing weight. 
  • And may lose more weight by kicking off your weight-loss process.
  • Bariatric revision is often a sedating outpatient treatment.
  • After the first procedure, the opening to your stomach may have been larger. 
  • The weighting process may take longer if you’ve been eating more than usual.
  • An endoscopic suture to reduce the stomach opening to its pre-surgery size.
  • When applicants agree that conversion or revision is necessary.
  • Following a consultation with one of our surgeons, we will proceed with the procedure.
  • The condition, the patient’s present state of health, and the realistic outcomes.
  • It is significant to remember that revision of the treatment is more difficult.
  •  As a result, the patient should adhere to the surgeon’s instructions.
  • The patient may need a conversion or revision surgery to help them get past a problem. 


The operation depends on the condition. That needs to be diagnosed as well as the type of previous bariatric surgery. For example, if a patient gains weight after lap band surgery. The surgeon will either conduct a trans-oral outlet reduction. Or an endoscopic sinus lift. To increase Theroux’s limb length, insert a lap band. Re-sleeve surgery is sometimes the best option. For those who have gained weight after having a Sleeve Gastrostomy. If the patient gains weight after bypass surgery. The surgeon may be able to treat it with several minor revisional procedures. It is critical to talk with your surgeon to choose the best. The expert will decide the treatment approach for the desired results.

The Alternative Options for Revision:

The best Gastric Bypass revision alternatives will be prescribed by an expert. Once the surgeon assesses the patient’s health. Patients should be aware that depending on the type of surgical technique selected. The cost of a revision may vary. Among the important choices are:

  • Applying a gastric band that may be changing.
  • The stomach pouch is a staple of the distal gastric bypass.
  • Switching to the duodenal route.
  • The revision of the gastrojejunal anastomosis

Advantages and Disadvantages:


  • Less intrusive
  • Recovery time is less.
  • When compared to typical operations, it is safe.
  • High rates of success
  • Provides patients with the primary outcome they were hoping for.


  • Bleeding.
  • Anesthetic responses.
  • Blood clots.
  • Infection is possible.
  • Scarring is extensive.


Pricing is dependent on factors like the level of the clinic. The location of the facility. The surgeon’s level of expertise. The types of therapy are selected based on previous treatment. And the client’s physical condition. The Cost of Revision Bariatric Surgery in Dubai is very low. It ranges from AED18,000 to AED28,000.Consult with an expert to get final estimates.

Cost Influencing Factor:

As surgery expenses depend on many things. The charges can be varied by many factors, including:

The Expertise of the Expert:

The bariatric doctor’s expertise in performing surgical surgery. It is critical to decide the cost. This treatment necessitates a tremendous amount of care and competence. It is reasonable that you seek treatment from a specialist to receive the best results. From this invasive operation. But they often charge more for their services than practitioners.

The Condition of the Patient:

Because there are many difficulties with operating or otherwise. The client’s problem is very important in determining the cost of the surgery. Individuals with only extra weight are suitable candidates for this treatment. But several pre-requisite initiatives are necessary. if the client has any chronic ailment, which raises the expense.

The Location of the Clinic:

The web reputation of the facility is important. Because reputed clinics charge more for their high-quality treatments. And guarantee 100% success in the less price range, the clinic’s location is also quite large. If the clinic is in a posh area. It will raise its prices to provide the beneficiary with services and actual therapy.

Selection of the Process:

As we know, each process has different specialties. They are used for unique problems. It depends on the patient’s condition. All the revision treatment options are helpful for different purposes. This element can influence the expenses.

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