Red Carpet Facial Cost In Dubai

A softer, glowy and fresh face is what everyone dreams about. Using fairness creams and pricey serums alone will not give you that kind of look. You should try your luck on skin care treatments Dubai. Out of all of them the ones that have taken the lead is the red carpet facial. It is a new and improvised technique that ensures a younger looking skin, wrinkle free and spotless. Before you convince yourself to get it done read all the instructions mentioned down below. 

What is a Red Carpet Facial? 

A red carpet facial or a party facial is a kind of skin care treatment that is done to contour the face, relax the facial muscles, improve the skin tone and highlight the cheekbones. The facial is done by a complex technique that involves use of electric impulses that are rubbed all over the face.

How do we Carry Out the Procedure of a Red Carpet Facial? 

The procedure is simple and precise however, before starting any skin care treatment in Dubai we ensure to follow the guidelines like:

  • Using the correct and sterilized tools.
  • Assuring all the material used should not expired.
  • The patient is free of any skin disease.
  • We inform the candidate beforehand that they should come bare face without any makeup.

Here’s how the the procedure is done: 

  • Seat the candidate and inform about the procedure assure about the pros and cons.
  • The face is cleansed and exfoliated through certain chemicals that act as enzymes. This removes impurities and grime from the face.
  • A device generating electrical impulses is run through the face that massages the skin, relaxes the facial muscles and tones their elasticity. 
  • A form of purely cold oxygen in compressed form is injected within the skin. This as a result improves blood circulation of the skin and nourishes it inside out. 

Who are the Right Candidates for a Red Carpet Facial?

  • People with very dull and dual toned skin.
  • Scars and marks that have not faded.
  • People whose skin has started to sag.
  • Candidates for whom Fine lines have started to appear.

How Much does a Red Carpet Facial Cost? 

Keeping the complexity of the procedure in mind and the results, the red carpet facial cost in Dubai starts from 700 AED.  

ou will be amazed to see the benefits of red carpet /party facial that include : 

  • A clear surfaced skin with blemishes 
  • An even skin tone with a very bright complexion 
  • All the scars and imperfections will fade eventually 
  • Contoured facial skin with jaw lines 
  • Uplifted and highlighted cheekbones with prominent shine 
  • No more saggy skin that drools downwards 

Post treatment instructions:

Once you have received the treatment there are certain things you need to follow like: 

  • Avoid sun exposure as the out skin is delicate right after the treatment 
  • Try not to use any harsh soap or face wash on the treated areas. 
  • Refrain from creams and makeup that contain harmful substances 
  • Never miss repetitive follow ups  

Bottom Line!

When you come to us for a skin care treatment in Dubai then it becomes our duty to serve you with the best of the best. You will surely be very satisfied just like our other loyal customer.So whatare you waiting for Schedule your FREE appointement with us by filling out the form !