Psychosexual Therapy Cost in Dubai

Not feeling to get intimate with your partner or avoiding intercourse is not just because you don’t want to, it is basically because your mind and mental state are not in the correct shape. Yes, psychosexual disorders do exist and they are one of the biggest hurdles. People often end up having an unhealthy relationship with their partners. Intimacy is one of the prime factors that is responsible for maintaining a healthy bond. People often consider discussing psychosexual problems as a taboo however it is very important to discuss your intimate problems with someone who can help you escape out. We are one of the best intimate surgery clinic in Dubai that provide the correct psychosexual therapies by experts. 

What Is a Psychosexual Disorder ? 

A psychosexual disorder generally refers to a condition in which a patient is generally not willing to perform intimate activities with their partners because of mental disturbance. Can be as a result of any past chromatic experience or other considered reasons.

What are the Causes of Psychosexual Disorders? 

  • History of traumatic past that has led the victim lose sanity
  • Any stress or tension the candidate is building up in their mind
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Lack of opening up or being socially active

How to Deal With a Psychosexual Disorders?

 The experts in our Dynamic Clinic believe  that psychosexual therapy Dubai is one of the sound and key methods that can work on eliminating psycho sexual disorders. The entire treatment depends upon perfect counselling and trick the patient to open up completely. 

What is Psychosexual Therapy? 

Psychosexual therapy is an aided help that is to improve the person’s intimate life between the victim as well as their partner. Experts would try to counsel and help victims to open up so that the difficulties or any problem that is arising during the arousal or the deed can be rectified. 

The aim of therapy is to completely examine and analyse the victim’s physical and mental well being as to what is actually disturbing them in their intimate life. A complete history, investigation and examination can help in the diagnosis of the correct reason as to why the patient is feeling any sexual difficulty. 

Who Need Psycho Sexual Therapy?

  • Candidates who feel pain and discomfort during intercourse.
  • Candidates who are not attracted to their partners physically.
  • Victims who had history of rape or domestic violence.
  • Patients under severe distress, depression and anxiety. 

What to Expect in a Single Session of Psychothes Sexual Therapy? 

When you book a session with the psychosexual therapist he or she will make sure that you are well comfortable and you receive a pleasant environment. At first the therapist will try to ask about your general life related questions and then slowly and gradually you will then we told to elaborate the problems that are causing you discomfort and willingness to sex. 

Problems that Can be Treated by Psychosexual Therapy 

Failures in Achieving Orgasm:

Women are mostly affected by psycho sexual disorders and so prompt and regular therapies can help them to achieve orgasm as they will be guided with the proper techniques for being well aroused and stimulated. 

Low Libido:

You will be acknowledged whether the loss of libido is because of hormones or any other mental problem. 

Erectile Dysfunction:

Psychosexual therapies are very helpful in dealing with erectile dysfunction. An ED wholly solely because of the lack of concentration while sex and having disturbing thoughts in the mind.

Painful Sex :

If the painful sex is because of the lack of interest then psycho sexual therapy is a good to go treatment for it. 

Vaginismus :

Women born with a tight vagina  experience painful intercourse and this often requires surgery.  In case of patients where vaginismus is not because of tight muscles of the vagina but basically because of a woman’s mental state then a therapist can be of great help. 

Premature Ejaculation: 

Premature ejaculation effects around 8 in 10 men. It is very common with males who have had a very traumatic past or were once victims of sex trafficking. Psychosexual therapy demonstrates overcoming mental thoughts and keeping hold of the erection. 

What is the Psychosexual Therapy Cost in Dubai? 

On average a single session of psychosexual therapy cost in Dubai is about 1,200 AED.However some therapists would demand charges based on the candidate’s condition and their involvement in the treatment. 


The therapists that are performing psychosexual therapy in our Dynamic Clinic ensure that the victim’s identity is kept private and all their matters are kept confidential. They work very diligently and put their complete potentials so that victims open up without the fear of being judged.