stem cell vs prp


On average, a human head has 100,000 strands of hair consisting of keratin, a strong protein. Every hair strand emerges from a hair follicle, a small saclike structure that anchors it to the scalp. A hair bulb surrounds the follicle and contains live cells that proliferate and generate new hair cells. These hair cells are found near the hair’s root and help it develop by building up the hair shaft. The visible component of a strand, made up of dead cells, is the hair shaft. Blood arteries in the scalp transport nutrition to hair bulb cells. Hair structure and growth are determined by these nutrients, as well as hormones.

What Causes Hair Thinning?

Every strand of hair falls out at the conclusion of its life cycle, which lasts approximately six years. On a normal adult head with roughly 100,000 strands, 50 to 70 strands every day scarcely makes a difference. If you’re losing hair quicker than new strands grow in, you should investigate further. Hair loss can be caused by several factors, including:

  • stress
  • illness
  • hormonal shifts
  • post-pregnancy
  • metabolic problems
  • anemia
  • zinc shortage
  • genetic influences
  • family background
  • physical harm
  • infections
  • disorders of collagen
  • congenital abnormalities

The condition of our hair and scalp is also influenced by our way of living in this area. Blow-drys, color, and treatments like Keratin, straightening, and perms deplete natural oils, leaving hair dry, brittle, and in need of further care to keep its luster.

Solutions For Healthier Hair 

Your crown’s survival may hinge on scientific intervention. Our professional dermatologists can now give your hair new power and vitality by creating customized treatments for you. The emphasis is on improving hair quality and retaining growth in order to avoid the necessity for transplants. They use a combination of medicines, topical treatments, and minimally invasive procedures to strengthen and reawaken hair follicles, preventing brittleness, frizz, and hair loss.

What Are The Benefits Of Treatments 

Various treatments are provided by Dynamic Clinic to cure the hair loss problem. Hair transplants in Dubai are also available for those who are tired of consistent hair loss. The treatments are designed to:

  • Stop Hair Loss
  • Hair Quality Improvement
  • Increase scalp blood circulation.

Hair Loss Treatments 

Hair loss treatments are based on a combination of minimally invasive therapies such as Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP), Mesotherapy, Stem Cell, and DNA Repair. These are primarily therapies that operate by promoting natural growth processes and enhancing scalp nutrition. Because these therapies take time to take effect, it is best to begin therapy as soon as you see the first signs of hair loss to prevent the problem from worsening.

Stem Cell Hair Transplant 

Options like Micrograft Hair Restoration and ACell Activation Therapy are used for more advanced stages of hair loss. These are stem cell hair transplant in dubai, by the Dynamic Clinic, with a low level of invasiveness. The methods stimulate existing hair follicles to produce new hair using the healing capacity of the patient’s own cells, effectively arresting the progression of androgenetic alopecia or hair loss. These are ideal alternatives for folks who do not want to undergo surgery.

PRP Hair Treatment

An option like PRP treatment is also getting attention for the hair loss treatment in Dubai. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a serum and concentrated platelet combination. Platelets are high in growth factors that help heal an injury by forming a clot. The blood clot forms as the body’s defense mechanism to stop bleeding and release growth factors into the wounded area, which triggers a local repair reaction. Following an injury, the blood clot secretes growth factors at regular intervals, attracting stem cells and forming new blood vessels to ensure that the area receives adequate blood flow.

PRP involves collecting your own blood and centrifuging it to concentrate the platelets to a concentration of 3-5 times their normal concentration. To aid enhance growth factors and healing response, platelets are re-injected into the treatment area. PRP hair treatment in Dubai is provided by the Dynamic Clinic to help those who are tired of hair loss.

Stem Cell Treatment vs PRP Treatment

Stem cells play an important role in the replacement of injured and diseased tissues. This explains their recent rise in favor as a therapy option. Here are the fundamental distinctions between PRP and stem cell therapy for hair loss:

  • The platelet-rich plasma utilized in PRP treatment comes from a blood sample taken from the patient. While stem cells are derived from unviable embryos and foeti created in laboratories from hair, they are derived from unviable embryos and foeti.
  • There is no substantial compatibility issue with PRP treatment because it uses the client’s platelets and plasma. This is not the case with stem cell therapy because the chance of rejection is higher than with PRP.
  • Because platelets are injected virtually immediately after centrifugation in PRP therapy, the concentration of live platelets in the mix is ideal. The delay between stem cell extraction, transit, and implantation may degrade the quality of growth factors and impair the results.
  • Patients can avoid surgery, as well as the problems and downtime that come with it, using PRP Therapy and Stem Cell Therapy. Both treatments have been shown to be safe and have no known negative effects.

Schedule a Consultation

Schedule a consultation with one of our skilled specialists, they will examine your specific scalp needs and may recommend a single treatment or a combination of therapies. After a session, you may start to see the treatment’s results. The follicular nutrition will improve when the medicines take effect. Hair strands will be thicker, and stronger, and your scalp will be healthier as a result of these follicles. Hair shedding, hair loss, frizziness, and even hair breakage will all be minimized. Based on these findings, you can schedule frequent maintenance appointments to keep your scalp healthy, prevent hair loss, and make your hair thicker and healthier.