PRP For Shoulder Pain

Athletes and people of older ages usually suffer from a shoulder injury or some chronic shoulder pain, which can not be healed or relieved through medications. Instead, it causes interference and makes it difficult to continue daily life activities for us.

We often hear about PRP’s application and effectiveness in facial rejuvenation and hair loss treatment. But, Do you ever think about its usage for injured shoulders and its efficacy in pain-relieving? 

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What are PRP Shoulder Injections?

PRP Injection is a Platelet Rich Plasma treatment that involves PRP extraction from a patient’s blood to relieve the shoulder pain, heal the injury, and correct other musculoskeletal problems. The dermatologist injects the separated prp at the required area to stimulate the body’s natural healing and repairing system. The PRP shoulder injections deliver a better result in relieving pain than the other treatments.

PRP Shoulder Injections are used to treat the following shoulder problems.

  • Nerve Inflammation.
  • Rotator Cuff tears.
  • Arthritis.
  • Lumbar Disc Disease.
  • Ligament.
  • Degenerative Disc problem.

PRP Injection Shoulder Candidacy Criteria:

Though the treatment is effective and safe for all, it is better to know the criteria.

  • Healthy and physically fit person.
  • Balanced weight.
  • Other treatments did not work.
  • Shoulder Pain or injury causes difficulties in daily activities and chores.

Are PRP Injections for Shoulders Painful?

Not as painful as we think it will be. The treatment has minimal side effects, and the patient may feel a mild pain during the procedure or after the injections at the treated area, which is quite normal and goes away within a few hours. Dermatologists will suggest avoiding exercise and workouts for a few days after the treatment.

Do PRP Injection Shoulder Work?

Definitely Yes. Research and studies show that PRP Injections are approvingly effective and have higher success rates in dealing with different types of shoulder injuries and musculoskeletal issues. It uses Platelet Rich Plasma, which is the key to activating the body’s natural healing system. The cosmetic surgeons highly recommend that the patients get PRP Injections for shoulders to stimulate the body’s biological repair system and for quick results. Also, it has no risks and complications.

How Long Does it Take to Show Effects on Shoulders?

The effects or the results of the PRP injections varies from patient to patient and depends on the severity of shoulder injury. You may experience a noticeable difference in the pain or damage between two to six months if the injury or pain is mild or severe. You may have to wait for a month or longer to see the results for severe injury and chronic pain.

PRP Injection Recovery Time:

The recovery time is not long but pretty quick. The patient will only feel muscle soreness for a few days after the treatment that will continue to improve over time. A person will experience swelling or muscle soreness for a week if they get the injection to treat arthritis. The injury will heal and continue to get better over time.

Are there any limitations after the PRP Injection?

There are no such limitations to worry about. The only limitation is activity limitation due to pain which varies from person to person. Doctors will generally tell you to avoid workouts and exercise right two to three days after the treatment. But it is also suggested that if you feel pain and muscle soreness, avoid exercise, and if you feel no pain, you can quickly resume the daily activities.

PRP Injection Shoulder Side Effects:

Side Effects of the PRP Injection are usually short-lived and cause no severe harm.

  • Slight swelling on the treated area.
  •  Short-Term Muscle Soreness
  • Mild To No Pain

PRP Injection Shoulder Cost in Dubai:

PRP Injection Shoulder cost is not particular or fixed. The cost differs from patient to patient and relies on factors like the nature of the patient’s problem, provider’s place, practitioner’s fee and expertise, clinical specifications, and the type of treatment a patient gets for the expected results.

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