PRP Hair Treatment Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Price

Experiencing hair loss? Give a Try to PRP Hair Treatment in Dubai.

So it should come as no surprise that PRP is the most interesting development in the hair care industry. This therapy is based on golden liquid found in your body that’s full of growth factors when injected can leave a dramatic impact on your hair growth.While cost is the biggest factor for all patients consider having this therapy. So far is not as expensive as you think. Here I indicated clear estimates and every single thing related to PRP Hair Treatment Cost in Dubai, read ahead.Well, lets’ first begin with- how PRP works?

What is PRP And How it Works?

PRP is basically a non-surgical treatment for hair loss. It uses a person’s own blood which is a very important factor as the body would not be reacting negatively to the product which was produced by itself. Even though it’s an injectable process but blood is not injected bluntly. After the blood is drawn, it’s centrifuged for the separation of plasma from other liquid. Then plasma is injected into the scalp where hair loss occurs. This injection is repeated several times in the target area. While it’s very normal to have little pinching discomfort, itching, or scalp redness. It fades away within a few hours.

Important: Within a few days, you would notice baby hair coming out, existing hair strengthens, and by thickening, it takes up more space and the scalp gets covered resulting in healthier hair.

PRP Cost Dubai:

The average price of PRP Hair Treatment in Dubai is AED 1499, the minimum price is AED 750, and the maximum price is AED 1699. The price charged for this treatment greatly varies as per the total number of treatments needed. The more dramatic results you demand the more procedures are necessary.

You Should Know:

PRP is a relatively less expensive treatment compared with surgeries. While many insurance companies mostly do not cover the cost of this treatment due to its aesthetic nature. You check with your insurance provider to see if they can cover this plasma therapy for you.

Though, determining the PRP cost is impossible without the following factors.

  • Patient’s hair loss condition
  • Number of sessions
  • Practitioner’s expertise
  • Clinic Reputation

Discounted Offers :

Here at, Dynamic Clinic, we are offering this wonderful treatment at affordable rates. Our experts use high-quality equipment to provide you best possible results in a few sittings so that you can enjoy tension free life from hair loss.We also provide various discounted offers for our customers occasionally to make PRP hair treatment costs in Dubai affordable. Learn more about such offers on our Instagram or Facebook page. Or directly contact us. Our consultants are always there to answer your queries.

The Takeaway:

The history of using PRP Injection for hair loss is relatively new but amazing. In a very less time, its outstanding results made this therapy more successful and demandable as well. Regardless of hair loss, it has also gained much popularity in other dermatology procedures such as wound healing, scar revision, skin rejuvenation, knee pains, and much more. You can get PRP from us for any of the concerns mentioned here or for any other unique problem you go through.

I hope you find this blog beneficial in finding PRP Hair Treatment Cost in Dubai, still, you wish to know more contact our consultants through chat or use our online form.