Pros and Cons of Stretch Marks Removal Treatment in Dubai Dynamic Clinic

Are You Ready to Achieve a Bikini Body?

Rapid stretching and shrinking of the skin lead to Stretch Marks Removal Treatment in Dubai. In such a situation, elastin and collagen break, and silvery, grey, white, lines appear on the surface. Just so you know, not everyone develops them, individual hormonal changes, and genetics play an important role here. Also, people have a higher risk if they are overweight or going through puberty.

With summer about to happen soon, Dubai residents are focused on getting a bikini body. Get rid of stretch marks with our amazing, non-invasive treatments! Go ahead and read on to learn about the Pros and Cons of Stretch Marks Removal Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah:

Popular Treatments:

Stretch marks, no matter the cause, can be removed. There are so many choices, experts say. However, note that, when you are looking at what treatment to receive, you need to talk to an experienced dermatologist. In choosing the true treatment, he considers your level of health, goals, and expectations.

Five of the most common stretch mark procedures are chemical peels, laser resurfacing, needling, microdermabrasion, and topical creams. A dermatologist performs all these procedures in their office. And because these are non-invasive routes, it is so much simpler to recover from them. However, patients can experience pain in the treatment area while having the therapy.

Here are the pros and cons of stretch marks removal treatment in Dubai:


Simple Procedure:

Non-invasive stretch mark removal involves the removal of white, narrow streaks without downtime. It just takes 30 to 35 minutes to complete and has no side-effects. Additionally, it has been proven to be effective for all skin types and tones. Simply put, anyone can have it.

Dramatic Results:

Undergo microdermabrasion to eliminate deep stretch marks. This treatment focuses on the upper damaged layer of the skin and works by compelling the skin to improve ruptured collagen and elastin. Immediately after the first sitting, you will begin to see improvement. However, it is worth pointing out that fuller effects will develop after three to four sessions. In most cases, patients need between three to eight stretch mark removal treatments to get and maintain the best results.

No Incisions Required:

Because these are non-invasive treatments, there are no incisions required for any of them. It also allows patients to resume routine activities right away. Moreover, patients do not require any type of sedation during treatment, which also eliminates the risk of side-effects from anesthetics.


Minimally Painful:

Even though this is non-invasive, it may cause some discomfort. Furthermore, some side-effects may occur.

Note: acne, infection, and scarring are most likely to occur after microdermabrasion and chemical peels.

Expensive Treatment:

Obviously, in-office treatments are costly as compared to home remedies and natural ways. Patients need multiple sessions for optimal results and each session could cost them an average of AED 700 to AED 2000. Additionally, you might pay more for touch-ups and lab work.

Slow Results:

Fuller results are not instant, taking six to seven months to completely show up.

Have a Clear Vision!

Before receiving any stretch mark removal treatment, it is vital to really feel that the beauty goals you have in mind can be fulfilled. Precisely speaking, if you don’t have realistic expectations, you aren’t likely to achieve your goals.

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