Pro's and Con's of Cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery is a procedure that aims to enhance one’s physical appearance permanently through surgical approaches. Although all cosmetic surgeries carry risks, they are very much in demand today. They might be because they are proven highly effective for most patients.

To get or not to get: Who should decide:

Cosmetic surgeries have gained more popularity around the globe this decade than the last few decades but for both bad and good reasons. The demand for them was drastically increased by celebrities, especially women, having their bodies enhanced. More and more people are undergoing these procedures in these times.

While these procedures are capable of producing the most amazing, dramatic, and impressive results, but there have been a lot of unsuccessful surgeries in recent times. So, deciding whether you should undergo any of them or not can be confusing, without any exaggeration. Before you make any final decision, there are a few things to review as the surgery will have permanent consequences to your well-being and physical appearance. So, we will discuss these factors first before moving on to the pros and cons.

A lot of sufferers often ask surgeons to perform the best cosmetic surgery, but unfortunately, not everyone can receive it. Treatment success highly depends on the medical history of the patient. It all adds up to a person’s health conditions, infections, current drugs, bad/unhealthy habits, aesthetic goals, allergies, previously cured diseases, and mental health. That shows if you have any serious illness or in poor health, you may not get the type of results you are looking for. However, on the account of these factors, you can make a wise decision regarding any particular surgery.

Now, let’s take a look at some eye-opening pros and cons of cosmetic surgery in Dubai.


Cosmetic treatments continue to grow in demand, popularity, and fame due to increased success rates every year. Furthermore, the latest technologies have made them safer and more effective than before. Patients receive better aesthetic results from them, the results that last for years, sometimes forever.

Here are some notable Pros of Cosmetic surgery stated below:

Natural Results:

The natural-looking, guaranteed results are the biggest advantage of cosmetic surgery. The outcome looks so natural that often people find it difficult or even unable to decide if the patient has had any surgery or not. However, when it comes to scars there is no need to worry about this too. The post-treatment scars are expertly well hidden by the practitioner at the end of the operation.

Long-term Solution:

It is an instant and permanent solution to cosmetic issues. This is actually the pros that attracts clients the most. You achieve the desired change at once. Further, it does not require multiple sessions, touch-ups, post-operative maintenance, and all those other things that non-surgical solutions bring.

Painless and Safe:

Cosmetic surgeries are proven to be painless and safe since all of them are done under anesthesia. Sedation also ensures patient safety.

One-time Operation:

Great skills of surgeons are needed for successful cosmetic and plastic surgeries. Anyway, one of the most exciting facts about any aesthetic procedure is that once it’s done, the effects are for a lifetime.

Improves Confidence:

Ugly appearances have made a lot of problems among youth. In fact, physical appearance has become the most important thing in the world today. After having any cosmetic surgery in dubai, you would not believe how beautiful you look now. Anyway, in addition to improving physical appearance, it boosts confidence and improves self-esteem in both personal and work life.


While talking about the downsides, cost and recovery are considered the biggest disadvantages. Let’s talk about them more.

Long Recovery Times:

It’s important that you take wound healing seriously, otherwise, the particular procedure might not be worth it. Further, medical malpractice will definitely increase the risk of infection, swelling, bleeding, scarring, and long-lasting anesthesia effects.

Anyhow, with the following post-operative recommendations, you can style the recovery smooth and fast

  • Any activity that can potentially harm the treatment site should be avoided.
  • Protect the treatment site from sunlight, this surely can assist in smooth recovery
  • Take plenty of rest and avoid strenuous exercise for a few days
  • Taking 2-3 weeks off work will be highly beneficial


Surgical treatments are more expensive than non-surgical options. The cost of anesthesia, recovery expenses, and surgeon’s fees add more dirhams to the bill.

Thankfully, financial issues can be resolved through financial schemes offered by Dynamic Clinic. Like with our 100% financing you can pay these high bills in installments.

Bottom Line!

I hope that after reading this blog, you have a better understanding of the Pros and Cons of Cosmetic Surgery in Sharjah. Anyway, without question, they are totally worth it since the advantages are more than disadvantages.