Penis Enlargement With Fat Transfer in Dubai

Are you tired of your sexual life because of your low penile size?  Do you want excitement and utmost pleasure in bed? 

Then there is now length and girth enhancement surgery Dubai that is easily accessible in our dynamic clinic.Dynamic Clinic is considered as the best intimate surgery clinic in Dubai. Fortunately we have very well versed and experienced surgeons having sound knowledge and skills for the surgery full stop here are some inside about the treatment and how one can undergo it for a satisfying and pleasurable will being. 

What Can Be The Reasons For A Short Or Undersized Penis? 

Following can be the reasons that contribute to an undersized penis: 

  • Deformity by birth.
  • Any trauma or accident.
  • Unsure self satisfaction.

What Are The Methods Of Penis Enlargement? 

Medicines And Gels:

There are certain medicines and chills available that can help in the cellular growth of the cells of the penis. This can be very harmful if the correct amount of dosage is not taken.

Penis Enlargement Injections: 

The penile enlargement injections consist of steroids that increase the size structure and even maintain the functional integrity of the private part. It will require more than a single session depending upon the desired results of the candidate. 

Dermal Fillers:

Dermal filler Injections consisting of Hyaluronic acid are directly injected into the respective area. It instantly adds volume, girth and improves the size and structure instantly. 

Penis Enlargement With Fat Grafting:

This is one of the most successful and effective treatments by far. The surgery is very less invasive and does not require multiple visits unlike other treatments and candidates who have taken it as their treatment of choice have felt a sense of pleasure and satisfaction after getting it done. 

Note that above mentioned treatment options have no effect on the functional integrity and improvement on the performances. 

How Is The Procedure Of Penis Enlargement With Fat Transfer Carried Out? 

 The procedure of the penis enlargement with fat grafting involves: 

  • The surgeon will first analyse the structure and size of the peanus to see and locate how the surgery should be planned and carried out. 
  • The surgeon will administer anesthesia into the candidates so that there is a complete blockage of pain channels. 
  • A collection of fat from respective area is extracted using the liposuction method
  • The fat cells collected are then refined and inserted into the penile shaft. 
  • The surgeon will then send the candidate to the recovery room to notice and observe the patient’s recovery from the surgery. 

What To Expect In The Results After The Penis Enlargement With Fat Transfer Surgery? 

  • The results are immediately visible.
  • Better size and girth.
  • Improved self esteem and confidence.
  • Fat resorption may occur in a few years time.

What Can Be The Side Effects Of The Surgery? 

  • Delayed recovery and healing. 
  • Decreased blood supply around the area.
  • Increased timing of ejaculation.
  • May take time to get erect when aroused. 
  • Nodular formation. 
  • Lumps may appear.
  • Fat absorption may result.

What Is The Cost Of Penis Enlargement Surgery? 

If you want to know about the treatment with fat transfer and male enlargement injections cost in Dubai then you can visit our Dynamic Clinic and book an appointment with the consultant. They will best guide you about the cost as well as the kind of treatment you should choose based on your condition and desired results. 

How Long Does The Recovery Period Take? 

On average it takes about three to four weeks to heal completely, however you can start your daily activities and business right from  two days post the post treatment. 


A lot of the men feel embarrassed, ashamed and lack confidence while performing intercourse because of their undersized penis. This not only affects fertility but also their mental state. It is very important and there is no shame in seeking treatment for penile enlargement in Dubai. Length and girth enhancement surgery improves the sexual wellness and confidence of man with a minimally less invasive technique.