Penile Enlargement Surgery Cost In Dubai, UAE

Size Matters!

In today’s reality, it couldn’t be more accurate to say that men with a large and thick penis are in demand. Because women prefer men with enlarged penises. So, a man having an enlarged penis feels confident and gets appreciated by his partner for satisfaction and pleasurable sexual intercourse. Men with small penises feel increasingly ashamed and insecure. But it is a fact that Not everyone has large penises, and there can be several reasons behind it. But if you want an increment in penis size, you can go for the best and most effective solution, Penile Enlargement Surgery in Dubai by expert surgeons at budget-friendly rates.  

What is Penile Enlargement Surgery?

Penile enlargement surgery or phalloplasty aims to construct and reconstruct the penis by placing an artificial implant that increases the penis size from one to two inches and girth by 50%. The treatment works best for people with short penis and permanently provides them with an enlarged penis. 

The treatment can be done in the following ways:

  • Silicone Implants Placement 
  • Fat Cells Transfer
  • Skin Grafting

Candidacy Criteria for Penile Enlargement Surgery

  • Men who have a small penis want to increase the size for their own satisfaction and give their partner exceptional sex pleasure.
  • Men who underwent an accident and penis got damaged, resulting in no growth.
  • Men with genetically smaller penis sizes want to improve their size and thickness.
  • Men who have tried other remedies for penis enlargements like drugs, medications and oil, but nothing worked.
  • Men who have defects, deformities in the penis, or abnormal tissue growth in the penis.
  • Men who are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction. 

Benefits of Penile Enlargement Surgery

  • As mentioned earlier, men having a large penis means that there will be many orgasms, the best sexual gratification, and enjoyable sex life. So, this is the primary benefit.
  • The penile enlargement surgery also corrects the more significant bend in the penis that makes sexual intercourse more painful during penetration. 
  • The enlargement therapy boosts confidence in men and makes their sexual experience far better than before. 
  • As there are some minor cuts, fewer scar tissues are formed. 
  • The treatment benefits the men by incrementing the penis one to two inches, and more than 50 thickness and perimeter increased. 
  • The penile enlargement treatment has higher success rates. About 93% of men are super satisfied with the results and have a wonderful sex life.

Penile Enlargement Surgery Cost in Dubai

The patient should expect to pay around 6500 AEDs. The price of this life-changing treatment is different for each patient as the problem cannot be the same so is the treatment. The intimate surgery cost in Dubai covers many factors. The quality comes with the price, so the patient must pay for the different factors facilitating him throughout the treatment. 

Those essential factors are:

The Nature of the Patient’s Problem and Customized Treatment

Each patient goes through a problem that is not the same as others. The disease can be the same, but several other health conditions differ, and every patient needs a customized treatment tailoring their needs. That’s the reason cost is not fixed for every person.

Anesthesia and Medications

Local and general anesthesia or intravenous sedation costs differently. Also, expenses of the medications used during the surgery add to the total cost.

Surgeon’s Expertise and Fee

If the board-certified and highly-skilled surgeon performs the surgery, you will have to pay more because of the minimized risks and high success rate.

Specifications and Location of the Clinic

The provider’s location also adds more to the actual cost; despite the treatment, we are paying for the posh area. Most importantly, the facilities we are getting are what we actually pay for.

The actual total cost is made of the earlier mentioned factors; that’s why it is not specific. You will be informed about your total cost during your consultation at Dynamic clinic in Dubai. 

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