Pediatric Dentistry Price List Dubai -Deals & Packages

Having crooked teeth can not only cause you serious self-esteem problems, but it also causes many children to suffer medically. There is a majority of people who think that Affordable Pediatric Dentistry in Dubai does not exist.

However, this is the opposite of the truth. The truth is that there are numerous clinics in City that offer dentistry that you can easily pay for. Dynamic Clinic is one such place where you can get your child’s teeth fixed in just a few hundred United Arab Emirati Dirhams!

What is Pediatric Dentistry?

This is a relative term and is used to describe any dental procedure that is performed on children of ages 18 and under.  This branch of dentistry deals with examining, observing, and managing the oral and dental health of children. Even though most children would avoid getting a dental appointment, they are important to help analyze the teeth of a growing child.

Pediatric Dentistry in Dubai offers numerous services for children such as teeth polishing and scaling, extraction, tooth filling, endodontic therapy, etc.

Why Should You Get Dental Treatment as a Child?

Earlier checkups can be very beneficial for a growing child as it helps detect tooth problems early on. Since our teeth do not mature until we turn 21, it can be very easy to perform dental procedures on children. These procedures will heal quickly and the results will last longer compared to getting dental treatment as an adult.

Investing in your child’s teeth will help them in the long run. It also makes it less challenging to get further dental care in the future. Other benefits of pediatric Dentistry in Dubai include:

  • Fewer chances of teeth decay in the future.
  • Reduced chances of teeth falling out due to rot.
  • Reduced chances of getting cavities.
  • Development of good oral hygiene.

How Expensive are Pediatric Dental Procedures?

Since getting dental care in other countries is very expensive, people assume the same is the case in UAE. But the truth is that the gulf region also has very affordable dental options available for children. You can get your child’s dental problems treated starting from just 250 AED and going all the way to 2750 AED. This includes a wide variety of dental procedures. You can go through our Pediatric Dentistry Price List Dubai given below:

  • Teeth Scaling and Polishing for Children can be availed for just 250 AED.
  • Resin-Based Composite filling for Children is available in two options; One Surface for 300 AED. Two Surfaces for More for 500 AED.
  • Simple Tooth Extractions for Children is available for 300 AED.
  • Therapeutic Pulpotomy for Children also has two options; For Milk Teeth, the price is 1,000 AED. while simple one can be availed for 750 AED.
  • Endodontic Therapy for Children can be booked for just 2,750 AED and a simple one can be availed for 2,000 AED.

Although the prices of all these procedures are not negotiable, if you get multiple sessions booked, you might get some concessions such as free consultations.

Can Insurance Help Pay for These Procedures?

Almost all of these procedures are considered a medical requirement. This means that you can easily get your insurance to help you pay for Affordable Pediatric Dentistry in Dubai. However, there are still a few procedures that will only be covered partially by the insurance company. You will have to pay for the other half from your side.

Do Pediatric Dental Procedures Last Long?

The best part about getting dental for your children is that the procedures last a long time. Getting fillers or any other procedure will last longer and help them grow healthy and strong teeth. Although some treatments need to be maintained over time, it is a great option to consider for your child’s oral health and hygiene.

Treat Your Child’s Pearly Whites today!

Treating your children’s dental health issues early on will save them the trouble and pain of having tooth decay and cavities. Dynamic Clinic offers the best Pediatric Dentistry Price List for Dubai. So book an appointment to get a complimentary consultation session and get started today.