Overlapping Teeth Treatment Cost in Dubai

Overlapping teeth are the major problem associated with malformations in the teeth alignment. No matter how much you invest In your teeth whitening it all goes in vain if your teeth are not properly aligned and are placed one over the other. Crowded and overlapping teeth arise due to multiple reasons and only an orthodontic treatment can correct it. We are successfully running overlapping teeth treatment in Dubai and want to make you aware about it too. 

What is the overlap of the teeth? 

Overlapping of the teeth is referred to as the placement of one tooth over another.  It is basically nothing but the crowding of the teeth. It can occur on both the upper and the lower jaw of the teeth. In order to release overlapping of the teeth you need to undergo an orthodontic treatment that is lengthy yet worthy. 

What causes overlapping of the teeth? 

There are multiple causes that are responsible for the overlapping of the teeth The major ones include: 

  • Lack of space in the jaw
  • Failure of the primary team to fall off
  • When primary teeth are retained
  • Eruption permanent teeth without the exfoliation of the milk teeth 
  • During the eruption of the wisdom teeth
  • Hereditary 

How can overlapping teeth be treated? 

It is very valid that overlapping teeth are very unappealing to see and they destroy a person’s self-esteem. However there is nothing to worry about because there are now overlapping teeth treatment in Dubai available that can treat the overlapping of the teeth very effectively. The ones that we offer include: 

  • Orthodontics surgical intervention
  • Dental appliances
  • Orthodontic braces 
  • Extractions 

The best treatment by far is the orthodontic braces in collaboration with extractions. The treatment may be painful but it is all worth it in the end. 

How is the treatment for overlapping teeth done? 

It is important that you choose a very professional and skillful orthodontic specialist for the treatment of overlapping teeth. This is because it is a very complex treatment and only skillful people can perform the correct treatment. 

Initial consultation and diagnosis:

When you report to the dentist for the appearance of crowded and overlapping teeth, the dentist will examine and closely analyze all the problems or reasons that are associated with the overlapping of the teeth . 


One of the major prerequisites in the treatment of overlapping teeth or any other orthodontic treatment is OPG X-ray. This x-ray displays a complete outline of the jaw and the teeth present in it showing the presence of the bones and its associated structures. An OPG x-ray can give the details of the presence of any erupting tooth or the tooth buds. 

Impressions and size taking:

Before the dental appliance is created it is very important for the patient to give his or her recordings of the dimensions and size of the oral cavity.

Placement of dental appliance:

Your teeth surfaces are cleaned and a bonding agent is applied on each tooth. Once the agent is applied metallic brackets are placed on each and every tooth. Then the metallic brackets are completely attached to the wire made of stainless steel . The wire is then tightened and secured by rubber rings placed on each and every bracket. 

The follow ups :

The entire treatment’s foundation and success rate depends upon the follow up . Within every treatment follow up your dentist will change the rubber rings and place in new rings over the wire. In every visit your dentist will either tighten or loosen the wire. 

What are the benefits of taking overlapping teeth treatment?

  • Release of crowded teeth
  • A perfect ideal smile
  • Generous and beautiful facial profile
  • Enhances confidence and self esteem

What is the cost of the overlapping teeth treatment? 

Overlapping teeth treatment costs in Dubai is different for every patient .  Why because it varies from case to case depending upon the complexity and time required for the treatment. You can call us or book an appointment with the dentist to know about the treatment cost. 

The wrap up!

We have successfully run the overlapping teeth treatment in Dynamic Clinic Dubai for years. Our commitment and dedication towards each and every patient makes our clinic very approachable and honorable in Dubai.