Can Aligners Damaged Teeth

When you are afraid to smile because of misaligned teeth, it leads to low self-esteem, but there are several solutions for treating the problem and restoring your attractive smile. applicants are not inquisitive about complicated options for using braces to correct an uneven shape. The duration of the operation and the unsightliness of braces are the primary variables. But don’t panic; invisible alternatives are also available to cure your faults. The most often used remedy for the issue is currently teeth-straightening with Invisible Aligners in Dubai. There are several methods for repairing teeth available today. Aligners are advanced and effective ways to straighten teeth. They are made up of selected materials according to the patient’s tastes and qualities. If you are concerned about whether aligners can damage teeth, the answer is no because if you wear them for a set period of time, they are successful and safe.

The Aims of the Treatment:

Aligners are removable devices that are worn on top of the teeth. The applicants will be competent to detach them on their own. However, the aligners should be worn in the mouth the bulk of the time. Only consistent application of the models will yield an instant and apparent result. This treatment aims to help patients gain confidence by boosting their smiles and restoring their imperfections. It is a good alternative to braces, and this is very comfortable and convenient. Overbites are generally treated with these. They shift the teeth in the right direction by delivering gentle, painless force. The major standard is that they are worn for at least 18 hours every day. The usage duration may vary based on how obvious and strong the bite defect is.

Can Aligners Damage Teeth?

No, Invisalign cannot cause tooth damage, but in very rare cases, this can happen when the instructions for your invisible braces are not followed. It’s usual for your gums to seem sore and uncomfortable after wearing Invisalign, especially if you have a fresh, tighter set. Your teeth should be unharmed as a result of this. You risk damaging your teeth if you mistreat your aligners, such as by drinking anything other than water. Other liquids, including fizzy beverages and fruit juices, may become trapped under your aligner and cause tooth damage.

Advantages of the Aligners:

Aligners are one of the most common uses is to shift teeth into position. prevalent approaches to enhancing dentition nowadays. It successfully replaces the technology that used the traditional bracing system. This is explained by the following advantages: 

  • Aligners are entirely risk-free. They are wearable, do not obstruct communication, and do not hurt the connective tissue of the mouth cavity.
  • The translucent design has a very powerful aesthetic effect because it is unseen by others.
  • This dentition is preferred by adolescents, celebrities, political officials, and ladies alike.
  • Cavities are less common with removable shin guards since they may be removed every day for comprehensive tooth cleansing and plaque eradication.
  • Aligners are simple to use, require little maintenance and are not painful.
  • They give you highly satisfactory outcomes without any discomfort.
  • They are completely non-invasive.
  • They boost your confidence by enhancing the shape of your teeth.


The Cost of Aligners in Dubai ranges between AED 7,500 and AED 15,000, the fee is determined after the doctor evaluates the patient during the initial consultation. Some other factors have an impact on the price of treatment that is given below:

  • The severity of the cavity.
  • The expertise of the expert.
  • The material used in the aligners.
  • The geographical location of the clinic.
  • The equipment used during the process.

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