Aligners dubai

You must be amazed to know that clear and Aligners in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is a new and improved method which is as beneficial and effective as the regular orthodontic braces. Their mode of action, working technology and the results are equally similar to the conventional braces but they only differ in the appearance. Our clinic has delivered thousands of clear aligners in the past few years because of its outstanding treatment outcomes. However clear aligners do need some special care that is to maintain their longevity. 

Why are Clear Aligners Recommended? 

Clear aligners are recommended especially to those who have hooked,crooked , irregular, twisted, protruded or retruded teeth. 

On the other hand clear aligners also serve as a purpose of retainers that are given after the completion of metallic braces treatment. 

Who are the Ideal Candidates for Clear Aligners? 

  • Candidates who do not want to undergo the orthodontic metallic racist treatment
  •  People who are afraid of Dental treatments
  •  Candidates who have irregular teeth
  •  Candidates who have recently completed their orthodontic treatment of braces

Are Aligners Painful? 

Clear aligners are not painful; the evolution of clear aligners is merely to eliminate the factor of pain. Conventional orthodontic braces are a very painful procedure since the tooth movements done are aided by the stainless steel wires.  This is a complete counterpart to clear aligners. 

No matter whether orthodontic braces are very painful and aligners are not, there is one more thing that is more exhausting than the pain. It is the time duration that is mentally draining for individuals. Orthodontic braces take years and years to Work. This is not the case with clear aligners; you just have to be regular in wearing them day and night and care for them keenly.  

Tips for Taking Care of Your Clear Aligners:

Wash With Warm Water:

Using warm water to clean your aligners is recommended because warm water has a tendency to keep bacteria and other microorganisms at a distance. 

Avoid Using Chemicals for Cleansing:

Since clear aligners are an object that are supposed to stay in your oral cavity for a very long time it is important that you keep it free of any chemicals especially while cleansing. This is because rinsing off with water does not remove the entire chemical and some remains can stay intact. These chemicals can transmit into your oral cavity and can be harmful.

Refrain from Biting While Wearing Aligners:

A lot of the patients in our clinic often come with a complaint of a broken aligner because of biting it while eating.

It is very important that you should remove your aligners while eating or chewing.  This is because mastication exerts huge forces that can disrupt and fracture your clear aligners.

Keep it Safely:

When we dismiss our valued patients after giving them a set of clear aligners we also provide them with a safety box in which they can keep their aligners safely. 

Clear Aligners are not supposed to be worn during the night while sleeping. therefore place it in a safe area before going to bed or keep it in the box provided by the dentist. 

Get it Checked Routinely:

In order to keep your aligners sustained and working it is important that you should get it checked routinely in your follow-ups. There are times when the aligner might wear off because of continuous wearing.  The dentist can make some amendments or can smoothen the worn off edges.

What Happens if I Lose my Aligners? 

Losing your aligners is something that should be avoided.  This is because your aligners are made after your initial impression. No wonder you can get a new set of aligners but it will be totally different from the first impression recorded. 

After wearing clear aligners regularly your oral cavity and the structure of the teeth had adapted many new changes and anatomical positions.

 In order to maintain  The initial record you have to keep your aligner safe and sound.

How Much Do Aligners cost in Dubai? 

On average Teeth Aligners in Dubai cost ranges from 1000 AED to 5000 AED.  The cost actually varies upon certain factors that include the anatomical structures of the candidate, the severity of the treatment, the complexity attained in the fabrication of the aligners. 

Final Verdict! 

If you are also choosing clear aligners for yourself then what are you waiting for? Just call on our toll free number and book an appointment with the dentist to schedule your treatment for clear aligners at the least cost in the entire Dubai.