Orgasmic Shot Cost In Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Maintaining a healthy and meaningful intimate life can be difficult for many people. Because women’s bodies go through a different transformation. Because of aging and childbirth theory, intimates suffer a lot. But advances in technology have enabled the development of novel remedies. One of which is the Orgasmic Shot. The functional and ornamental aspects of female genitalia alter. Plasma therapy in gynecology is a quick and safe way to restore fading tissues. If you are curious about the expense of the procedure. Orgasmic Shot Cost In Dubai & Abu Dhabi is also reasonable. It helps to reclaim sexual pleasure and enhance intimacy. Because these issues lead to many issues. 

What Is An O-Shot?

It is a novel way to increase one’s own cell regeneration using PRP. The procedure involves injecting own plasma. It has a strong anti-inflammatory, immunostimulant, and healing impact. Plasma regeneration is enhanced because of the presence of growth factors. The therapy is beneficial for intimate issues. Because the major goal is to eradicate the source of inflammation and infections. The treatment works for your sexual life. Because it overcomes the dryness and also tightens the target area.

Who is Eligible for the Treatment?

The Orgasmic Shot Treatment is very effective for menopause. It is the extreme dryness of the intimate zone organs. It inhibits the aging process in skin cells and stimulates glands to release. The treatment is not effective for people who have hepatitis or HIV infection. People with diabetes and blood disorders should also avoid the treatment. The success of the procedure depends on the body’s intrinsic reserve capacity. Platelet-rich plasma is an active molecule and a platelet growth factor. Which stimulates the body’s inherent tissue regeneration mechanisms.


You must consult with the Best Sexologists in Dubai. They will help to rule out acute infections and inflammations. The applicant must prepare for the treatment before the procedure. The following are the pre-procedure instructions for the treatment:

  • You must avoid inter-crossing before the treatment.
  • The applicant avoids taking blood thinners and medication.
  • You must avoid other intimate procedures.
  • Avoid waxing and hair removal products in the treatment area.


The injectable Orgasmic Shot treatment In Dubai is comfortable. But the applicant must select a competent expert for the treatment. The treatment works in the following steps:

  • The expert will clean the vaginal microbiome using the medicine.
  • Then they will administer the numbing gel to the target area.
  • Then they will collect 15–20 ml of venous blood in a separate tube.
  • This blood is then centrifuged for plasma extraction.
  • The end product is plasma rich in growth factors, specific proteins, and platelets.
  • The expert will inject the solution into vaginal or cervix tissues with a very tiny needle.
  • After injecting the solution, the expert will apply the healing gel to the target area.
  • The treatment takes between 20 and 30 minutes.

Aftercare Instructions:

The process for introducing PRP is performed once every 7–14 days. The course of treatment ranges from 2 to 5 treatments. But depending on age and individual body characteristics. Aftercare adherence is important for healing. You must follow the following post-treatment instructions:

  • After two hours of treatment, you cannot urinate.
  • Avoid using any type of heat on your body, such as a bath, sauna, or hammam.
  • Applicants must avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Applicants must limit physical activity and abstain from sexual activity.
  • To avoid bleeding, avoid anticoagulants and antiplatelet medicines.
  • The applicant must use anti-inflammatory medications.
  • There may be some oedema and hyperemia at the injection site.


The Cost of Orgasmic Shot in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, is reasonable. It can range from AED 2,999 to AED 3,999. Several factors influence the cost, including the number of sessions required. The intricacy of the treatment, and the doctor’s qualifications and skills. Following the initial consultation, the doctor will calculate the ultimate cost.

What Are the Cost-Influencing Elements?

There are many factors that can alter the expense. Because the cost of the procedure is not fixed. The following elements influence the cost:

  • Procedure Complexity:

The intensity of the procedure has a direct impact on the expense of therapy. The more complicated a procedure, the higher the cost.

  • Sessions Required:

Some therapies take many sessions to achieve the desired results. Also, more sessions are important to achieve the desired results. Then you will have to pay more.

  • Anesthesia:

Most treatments demand general or local anesthesia. And also, the cost of anesthesia will increase the cost.

  • Doctor’s Expertise:

The doctor’s knowledge and skill will determine how much he charges for services. The experience of the expert can alter the cost.

  • Clinic Level and Location:

The clinic’s level depends on how long it has been in operation. The equipment involved in the procedure. These factors all play a role in the expenses.

Is Insurance Going to Cover the Treatment?

Medical insurance does not cover the cost of cosmetic operations. Some procedures, such as rhinoplasty and breast reduction. They may be covered by insurance. Because postoperative complications are possible. It is best to first investigate the type of insurance coverage. Because it depends on the policy selection.

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