Options for Post Weight Loss in Dubai

Weight loss can disturb the proportions of the body because losing a lot of weight causes uneven fat distribution and skin sagging. And when this happens, some areas become less proportional to the body. Sagging skin and uneven fat rolls negatively affect physical appearance and reduce confidence levels.

You have to maintain a steady weight for at least nine months after losing body weight. In this way, you can prevent fat cell regeneration. Also, avoid a diet that has sodium or sugar as it can contribute to a bulging stomach and back.

I have written this blog to help you better understand the treatment options for post-weight loss in Dubai.

Options for Post-Weight Loss:

People have this misconception that the faster you lose weight, your skin becomes more vulnerable to sagging. But the truth is that it is highly dependent on genetics, the amount of weight you lose, gender, and age. It’s important to keep up with your nutritious diet, and exercise, it will help you with maintaining your BMI. But if you fail, you can go for our non-surgical or surgical options to improve your overall appearance.

How to Prepare for Post-Weight Treatment?

If significant weight has left you with loose skin, you can consider our skin tightening procedures.

  1. Make sure you have an ideal body mass index value.
  2. Quit unhealthy habits including smoking, lack of sleep, drinking alcoholic beverages, etc.

Non-Surgical Options:

Want to lose sagging skin in your arms, stomach, legs, or belly? Find your new you with our excellent non-surgical skin tightening treatments.

HIFU Treatment (high-intensity focused ultrasound):

Sagging skin can be tightened and enhanced through HUFU treatment. With this treatment, you can get your undefined jawlines, sagging eyelids, wrinkly face, and fatty belly fixed quickly. HIFU energy stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis within the skin to improve its texture and tone from the outside. And due to its brilliant outcomes, it is considered the most effective skin-tightening treatment these days.

Radio-Frequency Skin Tightening:

The treatment is done with local anesthesia to ensure the patient’s safety. In the therapy, controlled radiofrequency waves are applied to the problem site to tighten the loose skin. The results are amazing and can last for up to 3 months.


You can also undergo Ultherapy in Dubai for your loose skin. This treatment involves radiofrequency energy to target sagging areas. It can lift and tighten the skin under the face, belly, belly, thighs, love handles, and back. FDA cleared this treatment for these areas. Moreover, you can have treatment for reducing your wrinkles and aging spots. The results of Ultherapy are temporary but certainly impressive. However, before opting for this option, you should consult an expert to learn about the candidacy criteria.


It is an outstanding Skin tightening system available for you. The system involves a combination of radiofrequency and infrared light to reduce skin sagging. This option is ideal for people with loose skin on the belly and arms.

Surgical Options:

For long-lasting skin tightening, you should choose surgical options.


Enhance your beauty with Abdominoplasty. This cosmetic surgery involves removing skin from the tummy through sharp-bladed instruments. It is very important to note that it involves long recovery periods because large incisions take a lot of time to heal. This surgery must be performed by an experienced surgeon otherwise it will produce botched results. Recovery time at home is usually two to three weeks but with that, there is an increased risk of having complications.


You can improve the body contour with Brachioplasty. It is a procedure that is done to remove excess skin and fat from the armpit to the elbow. The surgery provides people with a healthy self-image and improved self-confidence. It produces permanent changes in body shape. Generally, surgeons perform this operation in an outpatient surgical facility but if your surgery is complex, you might be asked to spend two to three nights in the hospital.

Body Lifts:

Post-weight loss complications can be fixed with Body Lifts in Dubai. It is one of the common procedures used to lift sagging skin. You can expect the results to last for several years but under the condition, you maintain the weight.


Achieve your dream figure with our treatments. Our experts will guide you through the entire Post weight Treatment process in detail and will help you determine the best treatment option based on your aesthetic desires. So, don’t delay booking today.

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