Optimal Home Enteral Nutrition

People suffering from different health conditions can often face challenges while trying to eat their food. Oral feeding can be difficult for patients who have health issues like spinal cord injury, neurological disorders, etc. Home enteral nutrition helps these people receive essential nutrients regularly by directing them straight to their GI tract. Through this method, patients receive their nutrition while being in the comfort of their homes and their health status improves as the body gets its needed energy. Get to know common methods of Home Enteral Nutrition in Dubai and who can benefit from it.

Understanding Enteral Nutrition:

The process of delivering nutrition directly into a person’s gastrointestinal tract is called Enteral Nutrition. This method is applied to people who have difficulty eating food through their mouth due to any health issue. Through Enteral Nutrition a person receives the vital nutrients that fulfill the body’s needs and keep it healthy even when they can’t consume food orally. Enteral Nutrition can be done with the help of different tubes and methods which will be discussed further in the article.

Importance of Home Enteral Nutrition:

Home Enteral Nutrition helps many patients get proper nutrition while living in the comfort of their homes surrounded by family members. Some of its benefits are,

  • Patients don’t have to leave their homes and travel long distances to the hospitals to get their daily dose of nutrition.
  • A patient’s quality of life doesn’t deteriorate by receiving nutrition on time despite facing health challenges.
  • Less frequent visits to hospitals also save extra expenses.
  • Home enteral nutrition services are also very budget-friendly and easily attainable.

It is safe to say that home enteral nutrition offers multiple benefits to people who are facing challenges with their health and having difficulty eating food properly. It promotes a healthy lifestyle and allows the patient to stay within the comfort of their homes instead of making frequent visits to the hospital.

Who Can Benefit from Home Enteral Nutrition:

Home Enteral Nutrition is Beneficial for people who are facing difficulty in eating their food orally. This can happen due to multiple health issues. Some specific conditions or health concerns are mentioned below,

Neurological Health Conditions: People suffering from stroke, cerebral palsy, or any other traumatic brain injury often have severe difficulty in eating their food. Home enteral nutrition can help patients with such conditions to receive nutrition directly into their gastrointestinal tract.

Chronic Health Conditions: Many long-term health conditions also make people unable to consume their food properly like so they can also benefit from home enteral nutrition.

Malnourishment: Often people are malnourished due to certain illnesses or mental health disorders. Their body doesn’t get essential nutrients on time and starts weakening. Home enteral nutrition makes sure to fulfill the body’s needs in such cases.

Other Conditions: Other health conditions like different gastrointestinal disorders, eating disorders, etc can also cause loss of appetite or difficulty in eating. People suffering from these conditions can receive home enteral nutrition and improve their health status gradually.

Home enteral nutrition doesn’t just benefit people from certain illnesses but also helps elderly people who with time lose interest in eating or feel too weak to chew their food properly which could also lead to issues like indigestion. 

Home Enteral Nutrition Dubai Services:

Home Enteral Nutrition in Dubai is also a very commonly provided healthcare service that many medical facilities offer. It is important to consult your healthcare provider and start home enteral nutrition as per their advice. Dynamic Clinic also offers various home enteral nutrition plans at budget-friendly prices along with other personalized treatment plans. If you want to visit our physicians and discuss your health issues with them, you can book a consultation today at our website.

Methods of Home Enteral Nutrition in Dubai:

Several methods can be used to perform home enteral nutrition in Dubai. The most common ones are,

Naso Gastric Tube: Nasogastric Tube also known as NG Tube is a very common method of providing home enteral nutrition. In this method, a tube is passed into the patient’s stomach through his nose. The tube is then used to provide nutrition directly into the patient’s stomach. 

Gastrostomy Tube: This method of home enteral nutrition involves a surgical process. A tube is surgically inserted into the patient’s stomach through the abdominal wall. This method can be used for a longer duration.

Jejunostomy Tube: This process involves inserting the tube into the Jejunum instead of the stomach. It is commonly applied to people whose stomach is weak or not suitable for feeding.

Other methods like nutrition pumps or drip feeding are also useful in certain situations but mostly the ones mentioned above are used by healthcare professionals providing home enteral nutrition in Dubai.


Generally, the whole process of enteral nutrition is safe if performed carefully while following all the instruction guidelines. Nonetheless, some risks are associated with it such as,

  • The site of tube insertion can get infected if not cleaned regularly.
  • If tubes aren’t secured properly they can get displaced and cause complications.
  • Sometimes, the enteral nutrition formula can cause disturbances in the GI Tract.
  • Aspiration, fluid imbalance, and abdominal discomfort can also happen.

The Final Verdict:

It is the physician’s responsibility to properly educate the patient and family regarding the whole procedure of Home Enteral Nutrition and its potential risks. The patient’s condition should be thoroughly examined and the method of enteral nutrition should be chosen carefully to minimize the risks at all costs. If you want more details on home enteral nutrition in Dubai, you can visit Dynamic Clinic and explore the benefits of our services.