How Much Does Mammogram Costs in Dubai

Breast tissue is a mixture of glandular and fatty tissue that forms the breasts. Glandular tissue is in charge of generating milk during lactation, whereas fatty tissue supports and protects the glands. Males and females both have breast tissue, while females normally have more developed breast tissue. There are several abnormalities that can occur in breast tissue as we age. However, these problems can also occur due to several other issues like family history, hormone changes, reproductive variables, lifestyle choices, and exposure to specific environmental elements. According to recent research, women have more chances to develop breast abnormalities. It mostly includes breast cancers in which there is inadequate and abnormal growth of cells in the breast. Most individuals find it very later because they can not diagnose it. Mammography is the best diagnostic procedure for breast abnormalities. But people do not know  How Much Does Mammogram Costs in Dubai

What Is It?

Mammogram is a specialized kind of medical imaging examination that helps to find breast abnormalities, especially for the early diagnosis of Breast Cancer. It is a crucial tool in the detection and treatment of breast cancer. Low-dose X-rays are used during the procedure to take pictures of the breast tissue.

The patient’s breast is gently pushed between two plates during mammography to spread out the breast tissue, aiding in the creation of sharp, accurate pictures. Although it could feel uncomfortable at first, compression is important to provide precise results.


Mammograms are essential for early diagnosis because they can spot microscopic breast lumps or tumors before they become palpable or symptomatic. Mammograms are important for preventing breast cancer and enhancing the effectiveness of therapy. They are routinely advised for women over 40. Mammograms help to examine breast lumps, nipple discharge, breast discomfort, and other anomalies in addition to cancer screening.

  • The doctor will instruct you to take off everything from your waist up and hand you a gown to wear. Wearing two-piece clothing is advantageous to make changing easier.
  • He will make you stand in front of the mammography device. Afterward, he will place your breast on a platform and modify the height to ensure perfect alignment.
  • Place and compress the breast properly before stepping behind a shield to take the X-ray pictures. To obtain a thorough picture of the breast tissue, he will be capturing several photographs from various perspectives.


The price of a mammogram can vary depending on a number of variables, such as the patient’s insurance coverage, the facility, the location, and whether the procedure is carried out in a hospital or a private radiology center. Whether it is a screening mammography or a diagnostic mammogram might also affect the price. However, the price of this procedure can vary from AED 99 to AED 599. The doctors decide the cost of your procedure during the first consultation. And they offer the most reasonable cost at our clinic in Dubai.

Factors Affecting Cost:

  • Facility Type:

The facility type can also affect the cost of mammography. Mammograms in hospitals may cost more than those performed in private radiology clinics or centers.

  • Location:

Prices for healthcare services might differ greatly from one area to another. In comparison to smaller towns or rural places, mammography prices may be greater in larger cities or areas with higher costs of living.

  • Type of Mammograph:

Depending on whether it is a screening mammography or a diagnostic mammogram, the price may vary. Diagnostic mammograms are helpful when there are particular worries or symptoms, and are often more expensive than screening mammograms that are in use regularly

  • Insurance Coverage:

Insurance coverage may have a big influence on how much a mammogram costs. In certain nations, insurance plans pay for preventative procedures like mammograms with no patient out-of-pocket expenses. For those without insurance or for services that do not have any of their plans, the price could be greater.

  • Patients Condition:

Several factors, including the patient’s health, can influence how much a mammogram costs.  Some individuals may have thick breast tissue or other anatomical conditions that make it more difficult to interpret mammography pictures. In these situations, it’s possible that the doctor will have to spend more time evaluating the photos, which might lead to increased professional expenses.

  • The Expertise of the Doctor:

The doctor’s experience and credentials, notably those of the radiologist reading the mammogram mat influence the cost of the procedure. As opposed to less experienced specialists, doctors with more experience and training may charge higher professional fees. Depending on the case’s intricacy and the area’s cost of living, the costs could change.

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