Female Sexual Dysfunction Cost in Dubai

Female sexual difficulties are a very common issue nowadays, many feminines are experienced sex-linked multiple problems, and they feel pain during intercourse, human sexuality is an essential aspect of reality, contributing to both human survival and overall well-being, the disruption can result in an imperfect standard of living, female sexual dysfunction is more complex and poorly understood than male, this issue ruined emotions and mental peace when they are incapable to meet the requirement of companion, women consider them self useless and unmotivated, but no need to think negative because this problem has multiple solutions which can boost your confidence and make you sexually perfect, by satisfying your needs, these treatments are very convenient and reasonable, easily can fits into your low budget, if you desired to learn about the Female Sexual Dysfunction Cost in Dubai? Then we will help you get rid of this abnormality.

What is Female Sexual Dysfunction?

It is the incapability to engage in or try sexual activity willingly, it can be experienced in both genders, including males and females, a person with this issue experiences no pleasure during a sexual connection. Female Sexual Dysfunction occurs when a woman has ongoing problems with:

  • Physical modifications or infections that impact intimacy.
  • When having intercourse, I feel severe pain.
  • The low or absent attraction to the sexual closeness that is distressing is known as a hypoactive (low) sexual desire condition.
  • Lacking or overstimulating one’s sexual organs.
  • Having reduced or nonexistent pleasure during sexual engagement
  • They had lower total sexual satisfaction.

The Reasons for Female Sexual Dysfunction:

There are multiple reasons that cause this abnormality. Due to hormonal transformation, like after having a baby, sexual problems can originate. There are some main underlying reasons which are given below.

Medical Disease:

In many women, it can happen as a result of serious illnesses such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, or heart and blood vessel disease, and complications during pregnancy can be caused.

Reproductive Troubles:

Some specific gynecological conditions a woman may have include fibroids, vaginismus, particular ovarian cysts, cervical cancer, and those that cause the vaginal muscles to contract excessively, which can cause abnormalities.

The Instability of Harmon:

Hormonal inequalities are more common in women, specifically those who are close to menopause. It causes a dramatic drop in their hormone levels, which causes changes to the muscular structure of the vaginal muscles as well as dryness in their genitalia.

Insufficient Blood Flow:

When the female reproductive organ is not well-blooded and responsive to penetration, it can cause sexual discomfort because blood deficiencies cause white blood cell shortages. Vaginal overdrying and displeasing sensations during sex are caused by inadequate blood flow.

Traumatic History:

Psychosexual problems are one of the primary reasons why any woman who has had further traumatic events in life, such as domestic abuse or rape, frequently develops sexual and psychological disturbances.

Treatments for Sexual Dysfunctions in Dubai:

There are numerous ways women can adapt to treatment methods for sexual dysfunction by selecting the most skilled expert. Before selecting treatments, it’s critical to learn the underlying physical or psychological problems, the treatments options include:

Arousal Approaches:

  • Think about modifying your sexual enhancement, you could also attempt sexual literature, movies, equipment, massage, or masturbation.
  • Discuss with your spouse the various methods you might use to raise excitement and willingness. 


  • Consulting a mental health expert may be beneficial, to have enjoyable sex, and you can overcome psychological or emotional obstacles.
  • You can choose either individual or couple counseling.

Hormonal Treatment:

  • If you have some hormonal-related issues, then consult with the best experts.
  • They will advise you on some applicable lotions to apply before having sex, or overly taking Harmon, which can boost the sex desired.


  • Numerous medications are helpful to women in boosting libido and enhancing sexual desire.
  • They make you comfortable during sex and can treat these abnormalities. Consult with your best gynecologist.

Pain Relief:

  • There are numerous methods for managing discomfort during sexual activity.
  • Before having sex, you can experiment with various sexual positions, vaginal lubricants, or peace practices.


The Cost of Female Sexual Dysfunction in Dubai is very affordable. While expenses are not fixed for the process because it depends on the multiple components, at Dynamic Clinic you will get impressive treatment with huge outcomes, and you will notice very noticeable changes in your sexual attitude. The expense is dependent on the following factors:

  • If the situation of the patient is very bad, it will be accordingly.
  • If the expertise of the expert is in high demand, the cost will vary.
  • The price will be different if the clinic is geographically located in a highly primed area.
  • The selection of treatment type can be effective because each process has a different rate of use for the distinct issue.

The overall cost for Female Sexual Dysfunction in Dubai starts from AED 999 to AED 4,999. It will be finalized after examining the situation and treatment type.

Why Choose Us?

Female Sexual Dysfunction in Dubai, Sharjah & Abu Dhabi offers quick solutions without any surgery because this issue influences mental conditions and physical illnesses too. It is, therefore, preferable to consult with a competent psychosexual therapist and to take the recommended treatment to get rid of these issues and feel relaxed and calm  It’s important that you select a knowledgeable clinic that seems capable of maintaining your depression and making sex relations enjoyable. Our experts deliver the first free consultation, and the most important thing is we always take care of your privacy, you can get all the intimate treatment privately, just fill out the below-mentioned form to get desired outcomes.