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Men are facing a lot of problems regarding their male genitalia, and are forced to live with these problems. The small size of the penis is also one of the major problems faced by men. However, Androfill Injections in Dubai are readily available to anyone suffering from this situation. So if you feel like you might have it, continue reading this blog for further details.

What are these Injections?

It is a treatment procedure used for penis enlargement. This treatment is also known as penis filler injections. These injections are used to increase the size of the male genitalia. It is a safe and effective treatment for penis enlargement. 

Penis enlargement injections are hyaluronic acid-based fillers. Any organ or skin tissue into which they are injected gains volume and moisture as a result of their addition. Men opt for this procedure to boost their self-esteem.

Androfill Injections in Dubai & Abu Dhabi not only help to increase the size of the penis but also enhances the shape of the head of the penile. 


  • Profound growth in size.
  • The operation takes between 60 and 120 minutes.
  • Gives instant effect.
  • A short period of abstinence after surgery (several days).
  • Safety.
  • The gel disintegrates over time 
  • no irrevocable changes take place.
  • The effects remain for 1.5 to 2 years.
  • instantly gives the penile more volume and fullness.
  • enhances sexual excitement and desire.
  • aids in achieving orgasm and strengthens the bond with the companion.
  • improves the response to arousal and aids in the restoration of sensitivity.

Ideal Nominees: 

Before having any treatment clients should know whether they are ideal candidates for the treatment or not. 

  • patients with a short or small penis.
  • males who experience issues with early ejection.
  • a man who has some erectile dysfunction.
  • Men who regret their small penis as the cause of their infertility or inability.
  • Men whose spouses claim that they don’t have an enjoyable bed life.
  • Candidates who are above 28 years of age.
  • Candidates Who want to boost their confidence.
  • Individuals who want to improve the size and shape of male genitalia.


Cost depends on the type of technique used for fat injected. Also, the expertise of the doctor, the area of the clinic and so many other things affect the pricing. For the final estimated cost schedule an appointment with the plastic surgeons at our clinic. Normally, the Cost of Androfill Injections in Dubai ranges from AED 7000 to AED 10,000. The cost of the procedure relies on distinctive elements. These factors are mentioned below:

  • Experience of the Plastic Surgeon:

The demand will increase in step with the doctor’s experience and training. His qualification also affects the price. 

  • Services Available at the Clinic:

The facilities available at the clinic will charge you for this as it is also an expense for the clinic.

  • The locality of the clinic:

Depending on the site of the clinic your treatment price will fluctuate. The more commercial and popular areas will charge more. 

  • A number of sessions required:

If the patient requires more visits and extra effort then the procedure will cost more. 

  • Size also affects the cost:

The desired condition and the size of the patient’s penile decide the expense of the treatment because the overall procedure efforts rely on it. 

  • The demand of the surgeon:

The final price for any treatment will be told by the doctor itself depending on its demand. 

These are the components that tell the charges for any treatment but the final Cost of Andriofill Injections in Dubai will be decided in the first meeting with the doctor. So, without wasting any time set up a meeting with one of our best surgeons.

Choose Dynamic Clinic to Get Desired Results!

Our clinic is providing the best procedures that will treat your small size of penile issues in a genuine way. Our professionals are aware of tackling these kinds of problems either through surgical or non-surgical procedures. All our therapies are worth taking and provide people the looks they want. In some cases, patients may require more sessions but in the end, you will have your desired results. 

The dynamic clinic has a free appointment opportunity for you by which you can meet our professionals and can obtain information about the Cost of Androfill Injections in Dubai, & Sharjah & Abu Dhabi. You just need to fill out the form given below!