Non Surgical Vagina Make Over Cost in Dubai

Bringing a little tiny human into this world is never easy, from carrying nine months in the womb to welcoming them through a painful process. And no, worries won’t end here if you are thinking so. After childbirth, the delivery consequences come soon to say Hi, with the determination to live with you forever with the promise that you’ll never feel comfortable and satisfied in their existence. Anxiety, irritation, shapeless body, larger breasts and one thing that bothers most of us but is least talked about is the loose vagina. The excellent non-surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation in Dubai makes your vagina tight and younger than it used to be before.

What is a Non-surgical Vagina Makeover? 

The non-surgical vaginal makeover combines several skin regeneration treatments for the vagina, just like the different facials, and can also be done individually as per the patient’s requirements. The vaginal makeover reduces the vaginal laxness, makes it tight and more youthful, improves the vaginal tone, and enhances the vaginal lubrication that leads to pleasurable sexual intercourse and more orgasms and many other vaginal problems.

Why Do Women Need Non-Surgical Vaginoplasty?

The women need vaginoplasty when their vaginas become lax and are not tight anymore.

There are many reasons for the need for a vaginal makeover:

Women with mild to moderate vaginal laxity despite not going through pregnancy but don’t feel tight vaginas.

  • Women who underwent childbirth and have delivered a child typically resulted in no tightness anymore but a loose vagina. 
  • Women are guilty of not feeling much pleasure during sex and think they can’t satisfy their partner because the vagina cannot hold the penis anymore.
  • Women who haven’t had their periods for a year feel dryness and inflammation in the vagina. 
  • Women who are aged.
  • Women who want intimate problems to get corrected but not by surgical approaches.
  • Women who are going through urinary incontinence want it to be cured.

Non-Surgical Vaginal Makeover Therapies:

Radio Frequency Vaginal Tightening:

Radio Frequency vaginal tightening is a non-surgical approach that uses heat pulses to tighten the vagina. The dermatologist inserts a small tip or an instrument in the vagina through the wide vagina opening. Then the heat pulses are delivered by moving or rotating the tip perimetrically in the vagina resulting in a tight, moisturized vagina with increased collagen growth.

Intimate Skin Whitening: 

 Many women opt for intimate skin whitening to reduce the discolouration in the vaginal area caused by ageing, pregnancy, hormonal changes and other reasons. The practitioner uses non-surgical lasers, which reduce the hyperpigmentation by removing the melanin layer in the skin resulting in an even tone and light vagina.

O-shot and G-spot Amplification:

It is the modern non-invasive treatment that treats female sexual dysfunction using PRP.

A blood sample is drawn from the patient’s arm, and then a machine is used to get the PRP extracted from the rest of the blood. A numbing cream is applied on the labia, clitoris, and G-spot if needed. Then the PRP gets injected.

Goals Of The Non-surgical Vaginal Makeover:

Non-surgical vaginal therapy benefits the women in many ways:

  • The treatment helps bring back the natural vaginal lubrication that makes the vagina moist and protects the area from tearing and drying.
  • You will feel more comfortable wearing your favourite tight clothes.
  • The therapy stops or reduces urinary incontinence.
  • The treatment makes you feel good from the inside and boosts your confidence.
  • It also solves the in-bed problems, makes sex more enjoyable and full of multiple and stronger orgasms. 

Vaginal Rejuvenation Cost in Dubai:

There are several Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment Options in Dubai to tailor to every patient’s needs to get desired results. You can expect to pay for a Non-surgical vagina makeover Cost in Dubai roughly Starts from 14800 AED ( 3 lasers + 3 RF +3 C.C Filler + 3 Chemical peeling ).

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