Misaligned Teeth- Causes and Treatment Options In Dubai

Are you tired of being bullied and body shamed for your misaligned and irregular teeth?  Do you want something that can correct them and have long lasting results?

The best treatment of choice for misaligned teeth are the dental orthodontic braces. They are the conventional yet most effective methods successfully running till date. Although there are more generations of dental braces evolved the success and effectiveness of metallic braces has no comparison at all. The only problem people have with metallic braces is with the esthetics. Nevertheless, the end results are promising it’s worth it to have them on. 

What Are Misaligned Teeth? 

According to the Dentist normally the oral cavity and the set of teeth should be in approximation to each other. They should be in a similar line to the adjacent teeth and any protrusion or retrusion, over prominence, irregularity and space are all considered under the misaligned teeth.

What Are The Causes Of Misaligned Teeth?

Jaw Discrepancies:

The most common and the highlighted cause of misaligned teeth is the jaw discrepancy. Having a short and narrow jaw will cause problems and will not provide sufficient space for the teeth to completely adjust within the bone. This results in crowding and protrusion of the teeth. 

Over Extended Jaw:

Due to some anatomical deformities the jaw size may be increased than the normal one. This can cause over spacing in between the teeth and resulting in irregularities also. 

Eruption Of Wisdom Tooth:

Eruption of wisdom teeth is the leading cause of crowding and overlapping of the teeth. It causes the misalignment to be very severe.

Early Exfoliation or Tooth Loss:

Any trauma resulting in tooth loss or early exfoliation of a primary tooth can be one of the causes leading to the malalignment of the teeth. The displacement of the teeth is because of the constant movement in order to adjust within the arch. 

What Are The Problems Associated With Misaligned Teeth?

  • Excessive plaque retention.
  • increased incidence of food impaction.
  •  problems in maintaining oral hygiene.
  • Inability of chewing and grinding.
  • decreased self esteem and confidence.
  • Problems in socializing.

What Are The Treatment Options Of Misalign Teeth? 

Every dentist has their own methods for the treatment of Misaligned teeth however the major methods used for the treatment of misaligned teeth are classified as:

Orthodontic Treatment and Surgical Treatment:

Orthodontic treatment consists of: 

  • Metallic braces.
  • Ceramic braces.
  • Lingual braces.
  • Invisalign.

 Surgical treatment consists of : 

  • Orthognathic surgery.

Orthodontic Treatment:

Metallic Braces:

Metallic Braces involves use of Metal brackets to be placed on all surfaces of the teeth starting from the corner most of one side ending to the other side. It is then followed by the placement of a stainless steel wire which is upgraded in dimensions within every visit. The wire is kept intact within the brackets with the help of rubber rings that are also refreshed within every visit. This constant treatment is repeated for months until the desired alignment is achieved.

Ceramic Braces:

Ceramic braces are just like metallic braces but the only difference is in the material of the brackets. They are made of ceramic and transparent in colour. Their mode of action is completely similar to that of the metallic braces. They are placed on those who are aesthetically concerned and do not like the appearance of metallic brackets to be shown. 

Lingual Braces: 

Lingual Braces are placed on the interior( inner surface)  of the teeth. Their mode of action and method of placement is similar to those of metallic and ceramic braces. 


Invisalign braces are acrylic based mouth guards that are transparent in colour and are portable, easy to wear and remove. They are mostly used as the retainers after the orthodontic treatment. It is given after  the treatment is completed to prevent the treatment relapse. 

Orthognathic Surgery:

And  orthognathic surgery involves the repair and correction of the upper and the lower jaw discrepancies. They are done in very severe cases and their results are outstanding because the jaw correction improves the facial profile to a major extent.  After orthognathic surgery the patient is subjected to undergo a metal conventional braces treatment at least for a year. 

The Final Verdict!

Getting orthodontic treatment for misaligned teeth requires a great deal of patience, commitment and patience compliance. The success and the failure of the treatment depends upon how well the patient is taking care of the braces. Rest assured that the dentist will be doing 100% efforts on his side.