MiniDuring mini gastric bypass, the stomach is separated into upper and lower chambers, and the small intestine is diverted, just like in conventional gastric bypass surgery. This enables weight loss through both obstructive and malabsorption mechanisms. The surgery takes 1 to 2 hours to perform, and the patient stays typically in the hospital for 48 hours for initial recovery. It is also worth pointing that the effects of bariatric surgery begin to appear practically immediately as your metabolism is optimized.

How much does mini gastric bypass cost?

On average, Mini gastric bypass cost in Dubai ranges between AED 8000 and AED 13000. However, this price can significantly depend on the amount of weight to lose, the surgeon’s skills, and the reputation of the clinic.  In this article, we will explain these factors and all of the other factors that can influence the final cost so that you have a better idea of what you can expect to pay.

Four Major Mini Gastric Bypass Cost-determinants:

The primary factors that make up the total mini gastric bypass surgery cost are:

The level of surgeon’s training and expertise:

Mini gastric bypass is a highly specialized treatment with a high risk of complications. It is also likely that you will have faulty outcomes if your surgeon is inexperienced. Therefore, it is preferable to seek the services of a surgeon with more expertise and skills. Although such practitioners’ fees will be higher, it is the only option to save yourself from the discomfort, unfavorable outcomes, and additional costs associated with difficulties.

Where your operation is performed:

The majority of bariatric surgeons operate their own clinics, allowing them to charge lower facility fees than you would if you had the surgery in an all-inclusive cosmetic surgery clinic.

The goals of the patient:

One of the reasons why the price range is so lengthy is that the patient’s individual goals vary. That is to say, the amount of weight the patient wants to lose also has a substantial effect on the overall cost of mini gastric bypass Dubai.

Fees of the anesthesiologist:

Mini gastric bypass surgery Dubai is generally performed under general anesthesia, so patients are entirely unconscious. The entire cost of your bariatric surgery often includes a significant portion of the anesthesia provider fee. However, if you choose a CRNA to administer anesthesia, the price will be pretty much less.

Will Insurance Pay For Mini gastric Bypass?

Whenever your mini gastric bypass in Dubai is deemed medically necessary, the insurance company may pay a portion or all of the cost. On the other hand, you will bear the cost out of your own pocket when it is totally optional.

Dynamic Clinic Brings You the Best Financing Options:

Dynamic clinic offers an array of options to help you deal with your bariatric surgery financing hurdles. One of them is the 100% financing scheme that allows you to pay your surgery’s total cost in tiny, manageable monthly installments without any interest at all. However, it is essential to remember that this program covers not all bariatric surgery operations; to establish eligibility, you must consult with your surgeon in person.

Cost: The Outlook:

  • The cost of mini-gastric bypass varies according to the client’s specific needs and expectations.
  • In Dubai, the overall cost range for this bariatric surgery goes from AED 8000 to AED 13000.

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