Microdermabrasion In Dubai How It's Done and Why

The epidermis, or top layer of skin, is a barrier of the dermal layer. It protects our skin from harmful rays and the environment. It not only protects our skin but also enhances our appearance. But because of many factors, we experience many problems. Our skin becomes saggy because of aging. Many cosmetic procedures can help restore our young skin. This procedure helps with many skin issues. Here we have Microdermabrasion In Dubai: How It’s Done, and Why? The treatment can aid in Skin Rejuvenation. Because of the lack of severe side effects and shorter downtime. This non-invasive treatment treats a variety of skin diseases. It revitalizes the skin. The procedure also treats minor scars, discolouration, sun damage, and stretch marks.

What is Microdermabrasion?

It is a cosmetic technique that removes dead skin cells. The procedure clears clogged pores and stimulates collagen synthesis. The treatment is effective in treating skin issues. Such as dullness, fine wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and mild acne scars. Microdermabrasion In Dubai is a non-invasive skincare treatment. It entails using specialized equipment to exfoliate the skin’s outermost layer. The procedure is reliable for revealing a smoother and more luminous complexion.

Pre-Procedural Care:

If you have modest skin blemishes. Then you are an excellent candidate for the procedure. It is not ideal for people who have drooping skin. You must not have extensive or deep scars. But for effective outcomes, you must prepare for the treatment. The following are the pre-procedure instructions:

  • Speak with your healthcare provider before beginning treatment.
  • Applicants must inform the expert about skin problems and their medical history.
  • Use only the skincare products advised by your doctor.
  • Applicants must stop using hair removal treatments, tanning cream, and waxing.
  • Applicants must wear sunscreen before going out.
  • On the day of the treatment, avoid wearing any makeup.


Microdermabrasion does not demand local or general anesthesia. The procedure is painless and convenient. It takes less time, but it depends on the severity of the problem. The dermatologist will discuss your skin issue with you. And also perform an initial skin examination. To determine the efficacy and suitability of the treatment. The following are the steps of the procedure:

  • The expert will clean the treatment area with the antiseptic solution.
  • Then they will administer the numbing gel in the target area to make you calm.
  • They will spread the aluminum oxide crystals on the skin.
  • Then the expert will adjust the device for the exfoliation process.
  • Then the expert will move the device over the crystals in the target area.
  • It will help to remove the dead skin cells by making small punctures.
  • The process also increases collagen formation, resulting in healthy, clean skin.
  • The expert will clean the target area and apply the healing gel.

Aftercare Instructions:

The procedure is painless and convenient, but it demands care after the treatment. Because it helps in healing and also avoids infections. The following are the aftercare instructions for the procedure:

  • Avoid smoking or drinking alcohol.
  • You must protect the target area from heat and the sun.
  • Applicants must avoid products containing aspirin or ibuprofen.
  • Apply sunscreen with a high SPF after the treatment before going out.
  • You must avoid touching the treatment area.
  • Applicants must use the prescribed gels and soaps.


Microdermabrasion in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is very effective for many skin flaws. The skin appears red and sensitive after the operation. It may make you feel uneasy, but it will not hurt you. The following are the treatment’s most enticing advantages:

  • Your skin will be supplier and firmer after the treatment.
  • The procedure is very reliable for pigmentation.
  • It also promotes collagen production and increases skin suppleness.
  • The technique enhances blood circulation.
  • This circulation is effective in delivering nutrients and blood to your skin.
  • This pore unclogging also helps to cure minor acne.
  • The process also allows your skin to absorb beneficial nutrients.
  • The process is less painful and less expensive than the alternative treatment.
  • It prevents future acne.

Adverse Effects:

The patient is free to leave following the treatment. When performed by a qualified practitioner, the treatment is safe. But it also has some minor negative effects. You may experience swelling, redness, bruising, or itching. But don’t worry; they’ll be gone in a day or two.


The Cost of Microdermabrasion in Dubai is reasonable. It starts at AED 500. The expense of the procedure is not constant. The following factors can alter the cost of the procedure:

  • The expertise of the dermatologist.
  • The location of the clinic.
  • The need for the treatment.
  • The need for the serum.
  • The severity of the target area.

How Many Sessions Are Required?

Individual conditions dictate the need for the sessions. But most skin problems can be solved in five to six sessions. During the initial appointment. The doctor can establish the need for an exact number of sessions. It is critical to leave enough time between these treatments to avoid skin injury.

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