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Since Menopause is a lifetime hormonal shift in a women’s body considering it as a disease is invalid. Normally women approach this period around 45 to 50 years of life. However it may vary from women to women based on the condition and environmental factors. As menopause is completely based on the hormones it affects a woman’s mental state.Therefore, treating menopause is very important because it not only affects the body of a woman but also her mental well being. In such case a hormone specialist in Dubai  can come to the rescue. 

Here are some details about menopause including its symptoms and treatment modalities. 

What Is Menopause? 

Menopause is the term referred to the complete absence of the menstrual cycle in a woman for the rest of the life. A female not having periods for consecutive 12 months is declared as confirmed for menopause. It is because of the decrease and change in the hormonal balance between progesterone and estrogen. These two are the major hormones that are responsible for the maintenance of the menstrual cycle.

What Are The Symptoms of Women With Menopause?

Hot flashes:

The sudden warmth or feeling of heat in the upper part of the body such as the face, neck and the chest is known as hot flashes. It is one of the most common signs of the start of menopause and mostly suggested as the earliest symptom.

Irregular periods:

Missing period is not only the sign of pregnancy but it can also occur when a woman is about to approach menopause.  However the difference can be, that you may have a period in a month and then the next month you may not have it, and then have them again for straight two to three months and then it may stop again. this irregularity in the menstrual cycle confirms that your body is preparing itself for menopause.

Referring to a hormone specialist in Dubai can give you a correct picture about what your body is actually going through. 


If you feel tired very often and your body, joints and bones ache terribly then this is the way your body tells you that you have osteoporosis in your bones. Osteoporosis is the condition in which the bones become porous, light in weight and lose their calcium. Osteoporosis is always associated with menopause and so it also enlist into the signs and symptoms. 

Tiredness and fatigue:

As menopause is a phase occurring in the later stage of life it is very legit to say that feeling of tiredness and fatigue is pretty common. It is because your body is no longer absorbing complete nutrients, as a result the estrogen and progesterone hormones are not functioning properly.

What Are The Treatment Options For Menopause? 

If you have noticed any of the above signs and symptoms then know that it is high time that you need to get treatment for menopause As mentioned earlier menopause is not a disease and hence it is not treated individually but it’s symptoms and signs are treated on the whole. 

Seeking Assistance from a Gynecologist:

Before you hop into the other treatments you should first refer to the gynecologist if you notice any of the above symptoms . If you are looking for a best gynecologist near me then the dynamic clinic is well saturated with some of the top notch gynecologists who are experts in dealing w patients with menopause especially. 

Hormonal Induction:

Certain hormones such as progestin and extraordinary synthesized and then given to the patient either in the form of field or injections. They help the hormones to maintain the menstrual cycle If it is extremely disturbed first up note that you may not become fertile during the hormones induction because of their unnatural origin. 


Depression is very common in patients with menopause. According to studies and researches antidepressants have said to lower the mental disturbances arising in the affected woman. 

Hormone Replacement Therapy:

A hormone replacement therapy is Is the best treatment to treat hormonal issues. A lot of them prefer it because it has set to improve the hormonal imbalances and facilitate the functional activity back.


Women who are dealing with menopause are very prone to mood swings and are vulnerable to sensitive emotions. This will slowly and gradually cease. for those who are concerned know what are the signs of coming to the end of menopause know that the decrease in the symptoms itself is the answer.