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Dealing with menopause is not easy at all. It is a change in a woman’s body that validates her for entering into the process of aging and now her body is not Youthful enough to be fertile. Menopause itself is not very hard to deal with however the signs and symptoms that drag a woman towards it are a matter of concern. Some women do not experience any symptoms and just report to the gynecologist with the absence of menstrual cycle whereas some women may feel a lot of symptoms.  There are few cases reported that menopause when left untreated had ended up pateints with depression, anxiety and a lot of other mental disturbances.  more over their body is not ready for such a change.  Only a best gynecologist for menopause treatment in Dubai will help you from keeping unavoidable medical conditions at bay.

Down below addresses the symptoms and treatment options for menopause that are carried out in our Dynamic Clinic.

What Is Menopause?

Menopause is the medical terminology which refers to as the complete absence of menstrual cycle for consecutive 12 months. This is basically as a row occurs as a result of the change in the hormones and decrease in their functional activity overtime. Women normally reach women who pause at the age of 45 to 50 however there are multiple aspects that alter its approach and onset.

What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Menopause?

Irregular Menstrual Cycle:

An irregular menstrual cycle is the leading symptom of a menopause. Here  is how you can judge if you are also approaching menopause:

You are having your periods in the month and then skipping it the next month consecutively for 2 to 3 months. This process can progress by complete absence for a whole one year which confirms that you have reached menopause and now you will no longer be having your menstrual cycle in continuity.

Anxiety And  Depression:

Anxiety and depression is another common symptom in women with menopause. Their existence in menopause is uncertain and unclear however according to some researches it is said that it could be as a result of the Happiness.

Painful Bone and Joints:

Since estrogen, the female hormone, is responsible for making a minor layer around the bones it is one of the major hormones that protects them. Reaching towards menopause causes this estrogen to decrease in the amount and eventually the bones become porous leading to osteoporosis. It is a very painful condition in which the bones and the joints pain severely.

What Are The Treatments Of Choice For Menopause?

Refer To A Gynecologist:

Women normally don’t pay much attention to themselves.

They need to know that visiting a gynecologist is as important as their daily chores. A gynecologist can suggest ways on how to deal with the symptoms and other problems associated with menopause. Our Dynamic Clinic has the best Gynecologist in Dubai for menopause you should surely check on.

Eat Healthy:

Since this is the phase when your body is aging you need to balance it through nourishment and adequate supply of nutrients. Your body needs to be healthy enough to combat the new changes it will encounter. Take multivitamins and calcium regularly so that you can stay free from pain and ailments.

Anti Depressants:

Associated with anxiety and depression it many college recommendations with anti depressing so that their mode can remain elevated and they feel less disturbed mentally. On the other hand many women also seat the help from psychiatrist they are council about the new change in their body.

Hormone Replacement Therapy:

As mentioned earlier that when you pause basically occurs because of the hormonal shift the levels of estrogen and progesterone normally fall of hormone replacement therapy of oestrogen can be very effective in treating the problems associated with it. It can be done through pills, patches and sprays. Only a few specialised gynecologist have sound knowledge about hormone replacement therapy in Dubai for menopause.

The Bottom Line!

Many women have reported serious life threatning diseases associated with menopause such as cancers and cervical tumors. This is all because of leaving the body ignored. Seek the help of a best Gynecologist in Dubai for menopause before your condition worsens.