laser piles treatment in dubai

General overview

Anything that causes discomfort and pain in your groin, rectum or anus is very disturbing. it hinders your functional and physical activities along with causing pain while sitting. This is mostly because of a medical condition called hemorrhoid that occurs as the result of collection of swollen blood vessels leading to lumps around the rectal area. Conventionally surgical intervention was the only treatment of choice for piles. However there is now laser treatment for hemorrhoids Dubai that is minimally a less invasive treatment than surgery. 

What are hemorrhoids (piles) ? 

Hemorrhoids that are also known as piles are basically the result of swollen blood vessels or veins that are situated in the lower area of the rectum or anus. This inturn causes overgrowth of tissues that cause painful conditions as well. You should know that the larger they are the more disturbing they might be. 

What causes piles? 

As mentioned above the  actual reason for piles is because of the swollen blood vessels as well as over growth of cellular collection. This is basically occurs because of the following reasons: 

  • Chronic history of constipation
  • People who have a job that causes them to lift heavy objects
  • Exerting a lot of pressure while passing a stool
  • Patients with on and off diarrhoea

What can be the contributing risk factors leading to piles? 

  • Pregnancy
  •  obesity
  • Unhealthy diet
  • Aging 

What are the probable signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids?

  • Presence of lumps in the area around the anus
  • Pain and this comfort especially during passing stools
  • Traces of blood shown in the stool 
  • Severe itching and tingling sensation around the anus. 

What are the treatment options for piles? 

Seeking a piles treatment becomes mandatory if any of the above mentioned symptoms start to appear. The following can be the treatment of choices for piles: 

Therapeutic aid and medications 

A lot of the surgeons and physicians prescribe painkillers such as paracetamol and ibographin for the relief of accepting pain around the respective area. There are some laxative and stool softeners also that help easy release of feces. The constant pressure that is exerted on the tennis often and up in inflammation that can be reversed by the use of corticosteroids.

Changes in the lifestyle

Physicians and surgeons suggest that starting to switch from junk food to a healthy diet highly rich in fiber can improve the metabolism in the body and allow the easy release of stool. 

Surgical method

 Banding, Sclerotherapy, infrared coagulation, hemorrhoidectomy and hemorrhoid stapling are some common surgical procedures that are performed for the treatment of piles. 

Laser therapy

Since surgical intervention is very invasive and use of medications in the long run can have deceiving effects on the organs of the body there is a much better approach that is laser treatment for hemorrhoids Dubai. 

What is the procedure of laser treatment? 

The doctor will use a specialised device that emits laser light. This laser light is shown on to the surface of the hemorrhoids where the lumps are generally present. The focused laser beam destroys the blood supply to the hemorrhoids and eventually breaks the scar tissue. The average session lasts for about 1 hour only and the specialist will spare a few minutes just to observe whether the patient is doing fine after the treatment or not. 

Why laser treatment ? 

  • Unlike surgery does not cause bleeding
  • Has a very quick healing and recovery time
  • The treatment is shorter and does not require ample stay in the hospital. 
  • The treatment is easy to perform by the surgeon as well. 

What are the after care instructions following a laser treatment for piles?

  • Take your prescribed medicine that will include NSAID and painkillers regularly.
  • Try to sit in warm bath tubs ( sitz bath) 
  • Take a high fibre diet post treatment. 
  • Take Aspirin as per recommended by your specialist to control the risk of bleeding

What is the cost of piles treatment in Dubai? 

If you want to know about piles laser treatment cost in Dubai then it can be well acknowledged after visiting the clinic. The surgeon will first analyse your condition and based on the complexity of your treatment the prices are decided. 

The take home message: 

Piles can be very discomforting and is a very painful situation. neglecting it is very hazardous and can put you at a high risk of perforation or tearing of the anus muscle. Take the treatment for piles at the right time to prevent any further damage to the respective organ. Book your appointment with the top notch surgeons dealing with the hemorrhoid surgery and get it treated before it progresses to a major health issue.