Laser Treatment For Surgical Scars Cost

Scarring is common after invasive treatments. However, it generally occurs due to incorrect wound repair. Scars look unappealing and especially when they are easily perceptible. It should be noted that some scars disappear on their own but many others remain on the skin forever. For these stubborn scars, various treatments have been designed. Well, the best of all the solutions is laser treatment for surgical scars. It is an effective and quick method of diminishing scars caused by any surgical procedure. Another lovely thing about this treatment is that it can reduce the aging signs in the same attempt the scars are treated. The blog covers everything that you should know about Laser treatment for surgical scars Cost in Dubai, so please continue to read.


A majority of people turn towards cosmetic procedures to change how they look. The Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic offers all types of treatments at affordable prices. Laser treatment for surgical scars is an effective way of making the skin clear, and smooth. With this treatment, patients get rid of scars quickly and painlessly. However, it’s important to note that everyone is different in their physical characteristics, therefore, the cost is laser treatment for surgical scars is also highly variable. It varies from person to person based on different things like the geographical location of the clinic, the nature of upshots, the condition of the scars, professional fees, and the patient’s current health status.

The Average Cost in Dubai:

The average cost of Laser treatment for surgical scars in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is 1100 AED. However, it should be noted that it is the price for a single session. The treatment will cost you more if your scars need multiple sessions to be removed.

Important factors that define the cost of this non-invasive treatment are:

Condition of the Scars:

The dimensions of the scars play an important role in defining the cost. Classically, larger and deeper scars are escorted by very high prices, while small and superficial scars cost less.

Number of Sessions:

When opting for this treatment, it is important to keep in mind that the length of laser treatment varies from patient to patient. Some patients need a single session but others require multiple sessions for achieving the desired outcome. And we know that, usually, doctors charge per session for laser treatments so the price will vary a lot depending on the number of attempts you take. Fortunately, there are many options available for reducing the high costs of cosmetic treatments like you can reduce the treatment cost by purchasing 3 sessions at once. It will be a discounted price.

The Fees of the Practitioner:

Professional fee influences the cost of Laser treatment for surgical scars in Dubai. Typically, experienced practitioners charge more for the treatment than novice doctors. The doctor will disclose his fees in the initial consultation session.

Healthy Center:

The reputation, location, and quality of services that the clinic provides greatly affect the overall cost of the treatment. In simple words we can say, the health center you have chosen may be to blame for the so-high cost of your laser treatment for surgical scars. It is recommended to visit at least three to four clinics before choosing any care center for your treatment. Select the one that impresses you the most.

Is There Any Financing Option Available for this Treatment?

Although Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic offers various financing options for patients, you should know these schemes do not apply to every cosmetic treatment. Health insurance companies prohibit covering non-surgical procedures. However, for such treatments, you can use our 100% financing with a zero percent interest scheme. With this option, you can pay a very large sum of money in easy, small monthly installments. You will be informed about the process of availing of this scheme during your initial visit.

Is it worth it?

There are a lot of benefits to receiving laser treatment in Dubai for surgical scars. Not only it diminishes the scars, but it also improves the aging signs present in the affected region. It changes the look and feel of the skin in a single session. Other benefits of undergoing this treatment include:

  1. Cost-effective solution to large, deep, & easily perceptible scars.
  2. Works by stimulating the growth of collagen so the results are very natural-looking.
  3. Reduces sun spots and corrects uneven skin tone in the same go.
  4. Improves overall skin hydration.
  5. Side effects are minimal and last for three to four days only.


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