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Most people have stretch marks that cause no harm and are painless. But how they made your body look is definitely disturbing. 

Don’t feel embarrassed and depressed about having them. Get yourself the excellent Laser treatment for Stretch marks in Dubai at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic from our Skilled dermatologist. 

What are Stretch marks?

Stretch marks are the scars that appear when the skin shrinks and stretches quickly. They can appear on any body part, like hips, breasts, buttocks, thighs and abdomen. 

Stretch marks are pretty common, and some people are likely to develop much more stretch marks than others. Stretch marks are typically associated with pregnancy, especially in the third trimester as the body stretches for the growing baby. Still, both men and women can have them during their puberty period.

Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks:

Laser is considered the best and highly effective in treating stretch marks on dark skin tone. The primarily preferred laser treatment for dark skin type is radiofrequency, including eMatrix laser.

The eMatrix laser treatment works best for all skin types, especially in treating darker skin tones with no complication of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

The treatment begins with.

The treatment is quite tolerable without sedation. During the eMatrix laser therapy, the dermatologist delivers intense heat under the skin’s surface without damaging it, which helps lessen the visibility of the stretch marks.

The treatment requires minimal downtime of a day or two, and the results will be stunning.


  • The treatment is non-surgical. It doesn’t require long incisions and deep cuts to lessen the visible stretch marks. It is best for those who prefer non-surgical treatments with no prolonged recovery and downtime.
  • The treatment enhances cell generation and activates the collagen production in your skin, resulting in a significant difference in stretch marks appearance and a better skin look.
  • Laser Treatment for stretch marks is a versatile treatment that reduces the appearance of all stretch marks, including pinkish, red, and white-coloured stretch marks. 
  • Laser therapy requires a minimal recovery period. So, you’re free to go to the office or resume daily chores after the treatment.
  • The laser treatment is tolerable and causes little to no pain.
  • The patient will start noticing the significant effects of the treatment after getting done with the multiple sessions. 

Who needs to get Laser treatment for Stretch marks?

Below are the people who will be suitable candidates for laser treatment. 

A person who went through an excessive weight loss and wants to get rid of the left behind stretch marks of the excess weight for healthy lifestyle maintenance would be ideal for getting it. 

Another perfect candidate would be a woman who recently delivered a child and doesn’t want to have more children.

Accidents and injuries also cause stretch marks, so a person would be an ideal candidate who wants to eradicate the effects of whatever he went through once.

Side effects of Laser Stretch mark treatment:

There are fewer temporary side effects of laser stretch marks treatment that are normal and can be relieved through medications as per the practitioner’s instruction.

The common side effects are swelling and mild redness in the treated area. You may feel slight tenderness or soreness on the treated area due to the layers’ removal to lessen the stretch marks appearance. After the treatment, new healthy skin underneath with reduced stretch marks gets revealed. 

Few patients experienced slight bruising in the treatment area, but it is scarce.

Laser treatment Dubai costs for Dark Skin:

The expected cost of laser treatment for stretch marks in Dubai typically ranges from 500 AED to 2000 AED with pico.

 The cost is quite budget-friendly in comparison to the other treatments.

The price is not fixed for every patient and for every treatment. It gets defined during the initial consultation with the dermatologist after determining your type of problem, skin tone, complexion, the severity of the stretch marks, and area size.

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