Laser Treatment For Large Pores

Our skin goes through different changes as we grow. These changes are often denoted as aging signs in aesthetics. The four chief signs of aging include Wrinkles, Folds, Spots, and Large Pores. However, we generally see these noticeable indications on the face, feet, and hands.

It is very common for individuals to lose confidence due to these undesirable changes. While it’s impossible to prevent this natural process, we surely can slow it down. Through skin Rejuvenation procedures, the effects of aging on the skin can be reversed remarkably. Even though we all know that there are many different aging concerns to discuss but for now, we will only cover big pores: Causes and Treatments.

Let us first have an overview of what causes Large Pores.


Enlarged pores are likely to occur in people with extremely active sebaceous glands. That means if you have oily or acne skin, you may also have enlarged pores. While overproduction of sebum is a major cause but the list does not end here. Other potential causes include aging, genetics, stress, cosmetic products, medications, and fluctuating hormones.

What Happens When you Get Laser Treatment for Enlarged Pores?

Though pore size can be reduced in many ways, laser therapy is always at the top of the list. Laser Treatment for Large Pores in Dubai, & Abu Dhabi is the most frequently done aesthetic procedure in the United Arab Emirates, and it is one of the most simple and easy treatments for practitioners seeking to integrate cosmetic measures into their practice. It offers predictable, long-lasting results has few adverse reactions, and is linked with increased patient satisfaction. So, having this treatment for your pores will definitely be a pleasant experience.

How does Laser Work for Large Pores?

Over time, the skin loses its elasticity which makes it look saggy and thin, resulting in enlarged pores. Simply put, laser therapy reduces volume loss and improves skin elasticity around the pores to make them look smaller. But please note that this isn’t one-session therapy, you would probably need about 7 to 8 sessions to receive the desired results. Plus, during the session, you will observe that laser light hurts a little. In this situation, it’s totally fine to ask the doctor to perform the treatment steadily.

Is Laser Treatment for Large Pores Worth it?

Laser therapies are typically more successful than chemical peels, Dermabrasion, IPL, Microneedling, and facials. But there are some factors that must be considered.

  1. Fuller results will appear in an estimated four to five months
  2. Like normal skin, the modified skin will be prone to changes
  3. People with excessively enlarged pores and rough skin may have less effective laser treatment

Unlike cosmetic surgeries, non-invasive treatments work for everyone who is in good health. That means there are no strict requirements that need to be fulfilled to enjoy its terrific results. Moreover, it is extraordinarily cost-effective. You achieve incredible results with so little money. Based on the mentioned facts and considerations, it is confirmed that this treatment is worth it.

Side-Effects of Large Pores Treatment:

The most common side-effect is bruising. But fortunately, it can be avoided. It’s best to apply an ice pack on the lasered site immediately after the procedure. Moreover, you need to protect the skin from UV light. Hence, using sunscreen before going out in public is really important.

Treatment Cost:

The Cost of Laser Treatment for Large Pores in Dubai varies based on the doctor’s expertise and the number of sessions.

Why is Initial Consultation So Important?

Cosmetic procedures can change your life in so many ways so an initial consultation with the doctor is always needed before making decisions regarding them. The doctor determines whether you are capable of having the procedure you are interested in.

Schedule a consultation:

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