Kinds of Acne Scars And How to Treat Each Type in Dubai UAE

Acne is temporary but its scars can be permanent. So how to treat them?

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Acne scratches are worst, stubborn, and need professional help instead of silly popping. They usually fall into two categories and further lead to many sub-categories. This blog has outlined details about each of them and their unique treatments as well. So that you no longer would be having any doubts regarding the Acne Scars & Their Removal in Dubai.

You Should Know:

Acne Scars Treatment in Dubai can occur due to two reasons. First, it can be due to loss or excess of tissue. Depending upon the scratch type and its severity, the best solution would be endorsed accordingly.

Hence if you endure any scab and looking for its authentic removal, Trust us. We are here to benefit you with the most effective handlings. Continue reading.

Atrophic Scars:

This scar is caused by damage to tissue. It usually appears flat on the top layer of skin, look pitted. While collagen destruction is the most ordinary reason behind this acne.

Here are the three main types of Atrophic scars. Check out.

1. Boxcar Scar:

An itchy rash that blisters widespread on the face. Normally it appears on cheeks or where the skin is thick. Though, this scar can be a result of chickenpox, varicella, tissue loss, or any uncertain allergic condition.

Anyway, the treatment options for this scar are punch excision or dermal filler.

2. Ice Pick Scar:

It appears as if the skin is pierced with a harsh instrument. Later this scab takes the form of a thin, deep hole in the cheeks that often looks awkward. Though, it can be the result of tissue destruction, not just its loss.

While the most popular way to treat this scar is peeling. It causes a gentle burn to the scar tissue and lets the skin heal itself. But remember to consult an experienced doctor because peeling must be carried carefully otherwise it could lead to severe scarring.

On the other side, you can also target ice pick scars with lasers, and punch incision similar to rolling and boxcar. But still, a doctor’s advice is important in it. Based upon the severity of the scar, the appropriate treatment would be conducted accordingly.

3. Rolling Scar:

While informing you about the Acne scars & their removal in Dubai- one should have an idea about rolling scars as they appear most often and affects every next person.

A rolling scar is an uneven skin texture. It doesn’t appear as blunt as other scratches.

Well, lasers are the first most preferred option to treat rolling scars. But you can’t consider this one time. Multiple laser sessions are required to target the scar tissue and to produce enough collagen production. Besides, for severe rolling scars, the subcision method is regularly advised. It embraces the cutting of base scar. This way skin appears smoother.


Last but not least.

Pigment skin is what every next person suffers. Technically, it isn’t the type of scratch, just a discoloration. The acne healing process can leave behind inflammation which is typically named pigmentation. Be sure to take reliable help from a dermatologist to treat this discoloration. Though, we offer painless procedures to get off pigmentation permanently.

Consult our specialists for the details.

Final Takeaway:

Discarding Acne Scars Treatment marks might seem tough, but not impossible. In fact, there are many ways but despite ordinary home treatments, one must go for our authentic help. Speak directly to our dermatologists to find more about the Kinds of Acne Scars And How to Treat Each Type in Dubai.