Key Benefits of Laser Stretch Mark Removal

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Straie is another name for stretch marks. These marks most commonly form due to pregnancy, puberty, and losing weight. The thighs, lower back, breasts, hips, or stomach are where they typically manifest themselves. These marks are lines or bands caused by stretching of the skin’s connective tissue.

Some of the collagen fibers in the middle layer of skin may rupture if it expands too fast.

This enables the underlying blood vessels to become seen and leaves distinctive red or purple markings behind.

They eventually become white or silver as blood vessels mend. The markings typically do not completely disappear once they emerge. Stretch marks don’t hurt physically, but they can lower someone’s personality and confidence. In extreme circumstances, they may be disfiguring. Stretch Marks Removal in Dubai & Sharjah is a safe treatment for removing marks.

Removal of Stretch Mark with Laser:

Stretch marks are treated with focused light beams in the laser stretch mark removal procedure, which promotes new skin development and reduces the appearance of scars. Laser treatments are regarded as skin resurfacing procedures that promote healing and smoother-looking skin. Newer stretch marks respond better to laser therapy.

Newer stretch marks’ red and pink hues show that there are active blood vessels in the skin, allowing for speedier and more thorough healing following a laser treatment. The absence of blood vessels makes the older, white striae more difficult to cure, which results in decreased collagen formation.

Causes of Straies:

  • Pregnancy especially in the last trimester.
  • A side effect of any medicine.
  •  The side effect of any surgery.
  • Obesity or overweight.
  • Excessive and rapid weight loss or gain.
  • Degree of pressure on the skin.
  • Using ketosteroid medication.
  • Undergoing breast augmentation surgery.
  • Genetic disorders like Marfan syndrome, Cushing syndrome, etc.

What are the Symptoms of these Marks?

Straie marks vary according to their origin, where they appear on your body, and your skin type. Typical variations include:

  • streaks or lines with grooves.
  • streaks of pink, crimson, blue, or purple color.
  • lines on the thighs, buttocks, lower back, breast, or belly.
  • significant regions of the body are lined.

Benefits of Stretch Marks:

Nature of the Procedure:

The first and foremost advantage of this treatment is its nature. It is minimally invasive and non-surgical. 

Remarkable Outcomes:

Secondly, the most amazing advantage of Stretch Mark Removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is its remarkable outcomes. After going through a number of treatment sessions, you ought to notice observable effects and a striking improvement in the appearance of your skin.

Little Downtime:

There won’t be much downtime because the recovery time for Stretch mark removal is short. When the course of therapy is over, you can resume your regular activities right away.

Easily Tolerable Pain:

This treatment is barely uncomfortable. The majority of laser therapy patients, however, report that the discomfort is tolerable and transient. It hurts, but it’s not painful. Patients claim that it feels like their skin is constantly pinched.

Clear Skin from Deformities:

Additionally, it gives individuals clear skin. Furthermore, boost the self-confidence of the contenders. You grow more pleased and proud of your physical appearance. Likewise, your skin begins to seem softer, more attractive, and naturally glowing.


The price varies according to the patient’s demands, the location and intensity of the stretch marks, the number of sessions needed, and the kind of skin. A stomach tuck, liposuction, and other surgical procedures are more expensive than this alternative.

While considering all the above-mentioned factors, Stretch Marks Removal Cost in Dubai ranges from AED 700 and AED 900

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