iv therapy in dubai


The most common and important preparation before any major treatment is administration of IV drip. Medicines or any  rehydrating solutions are all given into the patient’s body or blood directly through IV Drip Therapy in Dubai. This article addresses some of the common conditions and indications which require IV therapy and all you should know about it. 

What is IV therapy?

IV stands for intravenous. Medicines or any kind of solution that needs to be immediately absorbed in the body by a patient is best given through the intravenous route. It means that it is inserted into the vein of the patient directly and is immediately entered into the bloodstream and is ready for absorption. IV therapies are far more effective and beneficial as compared to oral therapies.

What are the Conditions for IV therapy? 

As told that I will therapy is one of the most crucial steps before or after any major treatment there are certain conditions that make the use of IV therapy very legit like: 


Dehydration causes the loss of water from the body either due to diarrhea or sweating. It can lead to hypovolemic shock if the patient is not restored with rehydrating solutions given intravenously. 

Dehydration is the most common indication for IV therapy in Dubai. 

Chronic Illness:

Who are fighting with diseases that have existed since a very long time I referred to as chronic illness. One of the examples of such a condition is cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy are not able to eat food and their digestive system is also altered. Giving IV therapy to such patients can help the nutrition to absorb directly into the blood.  Moreover,  it also makes it easier for the patient to take medicines without having the need to take them orally. 

For the Treatment of Anemia:

Anemia is the term referred to the deficiency of blood in the body. Can be because of multiple regions such as pregnancy that causes blood loss autoimmune conditions and diseases. 

Our clinic strives to provide immediate IV drip in Dubai to such patients who have anemia and need to meet the urgent requirement for the recovery. 

Some common science and symptoms of anemia can include: 

  • Lightheadedness.
  •  increased pulse rate.
  •  fatigue and weakness in the entire body difficulty in breathing.
  •  severe headache.

For Pregnant Patients:

Pregnancy is all about a great deal of hormonal changes in the body. This eventually causes the women to throw up very frequently as a result leading to the loss of electrolytes and minerals. As a consequence it leads to dehydration, weakness due to electrolyte imbalance. It requires prompt treatment in the form of IV therapies. 

To restore Nutritional and Vitamin deficiency:

Sometimes vitamin supplements are not able to be absorbed in the body due to certain conditions or reasons. It is again because of the diseases or illnesses a patient is suffering from. The only method for a quick absorption of nutrients and vitamins is through intravenous therapy. 

What is the Cost of IV therapy in Dubai? 

IV Drip Therapy Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah can vary depending on various factors. Generally, it ranges from AED 699 to AED 1000. Since IV therapy is the most important part of a treatment we believe that they should be given immediately upon the demand of the body. Hence, we have the lowest IV therapy Cost in Dubai. You can visit our clinic to know more about the IV therapy packages and pricing. 

When should You Report to the Doctor? 

If you notice the following signs administration of IV therapy then it is better to report to the doctor immediately: 

  • Shivering.
  • Sudden decrease in body temperature.
  • Cold hands and feet. 
  • Vomiting.
  • Blue color of the face. 
  • Swelling.  
  • Allergic reactions. 
  • Fainting. 

Why Choose us? 

  • We have a department that deals only with the IV therapies.
  • We have a trained paramedical staff all having thorough knowledge of the administration of IV drips.
  • Immediate antidotes in case of IV drip reactions. 

The Final Verdict!

If you have any of the above conditions or are struggling with diseases that slowly and silently deteriorate your body then you should immediately seek IV drip therapy in Dubai. Our Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic is always available to cater you with the best of our services.