Chemical Peels in Dubai

Luminescent Healthy skin is a reflection of the overall wellness of a person. With the increasing technologies, everything is getting easier but skin conditions are complicate. People only focus on their amusement and forget about their internal health condition. They eat unhygienic food and drink alcoholic beverages that destroy the appearance of their skin. It causes acne and many other conditions that lower their self-confidence and morale. For making their skin look clear, they start using chemical products on the skin without any consultation. Furthermore, they try home remedies and wait for years to see improvement in their skin.

Dermatologists suggest different treatments for skin diseases. Chemical peels are one of them but individuals get afraid of their acne will worsen. The big concern for them Is There Any Side Effects of Chemical Peels?

What Is It?

Dermatologists perform this procedure in his clinic. In this procedure, he applies a chemical solution on the skin that shreds the dead skin cells. It not only penetrates according to the type used but also helps to remove the outer dead layer of the skin.


They have different types according to the depth they penetrate into the skin.

  • Superficial:

Alpha hydroxy acid(AHA)peels and beta hydroxy acid(BHA) peels are the superficial types. It composes of glycolic acid and salicylic acid respectively that penetrate the superficial layer of the skin. Furthermore, treats mild acne and wrinkles.

  • Medium:

Trichloroacetic acid peels are medium peels. They penetrate the inner layer of the skin and help in treating wrinkles and uneven skin tone.

  • Deep:

Deep peels penetrate the deeper layer of the skin. It composes phenols. It helps to treat sun damage, age spots, and deep wrinkles.


Dermatologists apply chemical peels according to the skin condition. According to your skin state if medium or deep peel suits your skin then he will desensitize your skin first and then apply chemicals to your skin. Cleaning your skin is the first priority before starting the treatment. The chemicals on your skin macerate the dead layer and expose clear and bright skin. 


A Chemical Peels in Dubai helps to remove the dead layer of skin and gives you instant results. This treatment procedure completes in 2 -3 days in the doctor’s office. It helps to maintain clear skin for a longer period of time. 

Side Effect of Chemical Peel:

Chemical peels do not have major side effects. It is not invasive at all and does not harm the skin. This procedure has minor aftereffects like redness, swelling, or burning sensations. These symptoms only lasts for some time and gradually resolves.


Precautions are necessary to follow after the treatment to make results last longer and steer clear of any type of complications.

  • Apply sunscreen to avoid sun exposure.
  • Eat healthily and do not drink soft drinks and alcohol.
  • Make sure you do not apply cosmetic products on the skin post-treatment.
  • Use a moisturizer on the skin.
  • Gently cleanse your skin.


It is a non-invasive and minimal time taking procedure. It provides you with luminous skin.

  • Improves skin texture by removing the outer dead layer of skin. 
  • Lessen the wrinkles on the skin.
  • Cure acne and acne scar.
  • Manages the uneven skin tone.
  • Puts a glow on the skin.

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