Is There An Effective Way To Remove a Moles

Moles are skin growths that are usually dark brown, black or yellowish in color. They can develop on any area of skin but are usually harmless and non-cancerous. 30-50 moles are normal but having moles more than this range severely increases the risk of cancer. Consult a dermatologist or cosmetologist to seek some medical health.

Home Remedies vs in-Office Treatments:

For some people, moles become a source of low self-confidence and self-esteem. Several home remedies are there but usually “do-it-yourself” treatments do not help. So, if you are looking for an effective way to remove a mole then visit our clinic. We offer several wonderful mole removal treatments to help you get a flawless skin. The results produced by the cosmetic procedures are permanent and long-lasting.

Do Moles Reappear after the Treatment?

There are only 5% chances that they will appear again. This 5% is because of the reason that some mole cells were left on the skin due to which mole grows back. Laser mole removal and chemical peel treatment require multiples sessions to destroy the moles completely. You are advised to wear sunscreen with SPF 30 or above.

Mole Removal Techniques:

Mole can be removed by both surgical and non-surgical ways. Surgical methods to Remove Moles deliver better and longer-lasting results than non-surgical ones. The procedure is short and usually performed in a doctor’s clinic or office. Consult a dermatologist, he/she will help you make a decision you don’t regret later. During the initial consultation, the doctor will assess the size, shape, and texture of the mole to check whether the mole has cancer cells or not. If the test comes out to be positive then further treatment will be done else you can remove them by one of the following treatments.

  1. Excision
  2. Shaving
  3. Cryotherapy
  4. Laser mole removal


Excision is an effective way to remove moles from the skin. In this surgery, the area is numbed and the mole is cut by utilizing a scalpel or a sharp blade. You have to look for an experienced and trained cosmetic surgeon for this mole removal method.


Most surgeons prefer this technique for smaller moles. In this procedure, a small blade is used to shave off the mole. It is less invasive as compared to the excision method.


In this treatment, liquid nitrogen is applied on this skin to freeze off the mole. Some side-effects such as bruising, swelling and pain will appear on the treatment site but they are usually temporary and fade within a week. Most of the moles will be permanently removed in just one go.

Laser Mole Removal:

Laser can be used to eliminate moles from the skin. Ask a dermatologist to know how many sessions you will require to remove them completely.

Is laser the best choice?

This mole reduction method is safe, pain-free and non-invasive. During laser mole removal, a local anesthetic will be used to numb the treatment site. Laser light is targeted on the treatment area to target the moles that need treatment. After like about 5-8 sessions you will get a flawless and smooth skin.

How much does Mole Removal Cost?

The cost varies depending upon the type of technique used, the size and number of moles and skills of the dermatologist. To know the accurate cost of the treatment you need to contact our team so fill out the consultation form right now.

Is Mole Removal Treatment worth it?

The best thing about the treatment is that its side-effects are not permanent. The procedure is short and takes only 25-30 minutes for its completion. It delivers the best results without leaving any scars and marks behind.

Why choose us!

Our dermatologists are experienced, trained and skilled in these procedures. We are waiting to discuss your requirements and concerns related to the procedure.

To know more about these effective ways of mole removal contact our expert dermatologists now. We will try our best to answer all your questions.