Is Laser Treatment Successful?

This procedure has many benefits. It is commonly used for hair removal but it also has many other benefits like rejuvenating the skin, and acne removal, and several other benefits and provides you with the best results with little or no pain. It has many uses in the medical as well as cosmetic fields. Laser Therapy is a little more expensive treatment but with little scarring and pain than invasive surgeries. But the major question that arises; Is Laser Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi successful? So yes it is successful. With the advancement in the cosmetic field, It plays a major role in enhancing the beauty and personality of an individual.

What it is?

Irrespective of traditional surgeries, it is not invasive. Before preceding the explanation of the procedure we should know what is laser and how it works. It is Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. It uses light waves to destroy hair and acne removals.

The major procedure is laser resurfacing used to teat minor issues and different kinds of flaws like


There are two types for different purposes and have different working procedures:

  • The ablative laser reduces mild wrinkles, acne spots, and scars. 
  • In this treatment, the visible layer(epidermis)removes and the inner layer(dermis) heats up. 
  • We give local anesthesia and had to visit the doctor’s clinic for the procedure.
  • The inner layer heats up with the destruction of the outer layer of skin producing collagen that tightens the loosened skin and improves wrinkles.
  • For deeper scars, we use CO2 ablative and for superficial scars we use Erbium.
  • Non-ablative laser is less encroaching than ablative laser. 
  • The outer layer of skin(epidermis) is not destroyed and heat generates in the inner layer of skin. 
  • It also helps to improve collagen production which helps to tighten the skin also aid to improve brown spots and minor scars.
  • The procedure completes without destroying the tissue under treatment and heating it up. 
  • This heat improves the production of collagen and improves the loosened skin and removes brown spots.

The major difference between these two procedures is that the Ablative procedure destroys the tissue under treatment, removing the outer layer of the skin simultaneously. On the contrary, the non-ablative treatment doesn’t destroy the outer layer and heats up the inner layer of the skin.

After Care:

After the treatment, Cover the skin with a dressing. You may feel some sort of burning sensation and itching. Some precautions contemplate after the procedure:

  • If you feel pain in the skin then apply ice on your face with gentle hands.
  • Remain at home to avoid exposure to UV radiation and dirt.
  • Avoid strenuous activity. 
  • Use the medications prescribed to avoid any kind of infection.
  • Do not peel your skin after the treatment.
  • Your skin may appear red or pink after treatment, there is nothing to worry about that.


It is now commonly used all around the world. People are now more comfortable using it as it has countless benefits and advantages.

  • Reduces wrinkles and decreases the signs of aging
  • Help remove acne and acne scars.
  • Tightens the skin 
  • Also helps reduce surgical scars
  • Improve the scars caused by traumas/injuries.
  • Reduce the size of Enlarged Pores.

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Though it is a little expensive procedure, Due to this people are very much concerned if Is Laser Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Successful?

This technique is a successful and victorious treatment. We value the concerns of the participants. We provide you with the best treatment procedure performed by the best physicians. So what are you waiting for book a consultation now by filling out the consultation form given below.