Is It Safe To Use Glutathione Injection in Dubai

Are you looking for a way to lighten your dark complexion? Glutathione injections may be for you!

If you’ve studied Glutathione Injections and know how popular they’ve become for brightening dull skin, you must have realized how good they are. However, that really doesn’t mean they are risk-free. Continue reading to become an informed patient who fully understands the benefits, risks, costs, candidacy, and everything else.

These whining injections are the most effective go-to solution. They reduce melanin concentration in the skin, remove toxins from the body, and repair damaged tissues. All this helps to improve the dark skn tone. But before you opt for it, you need to know Is it Safe to Use Glutathione Injections in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah and whether it’s best for you.

What Is Glutathione And Who Is It For?

Glutathione is a natural substance made up of amino acids. This helps in many complex processes in the body. Tissue repair, skin toning, protein synthesis, and strengthening of the immune system are four of its greatest benefits.

Some people also take glutathione topically, or intravenously for various health conditions including liver diseases, aging, Pigmentation, weakened infertility, and more. However, it is important to note that there are no approved clinical trials that support these uses. In addition, as with other cosmetic treatments, there are risks. Possible side-effects of glutathione injections include rash, swelling, cramps, bloating, discoloration, and trouble breathing. Be sure to check with the dermatologist instantly if you experience any of these effects.

How It Is Done?

During treatment, your dermatologists will use a fine cannula or superficial needle to inject glutathione into your skin. Just so you know, glutathione works best when given intravenously. However, it is important for a professional to properly assess your arteries and veins before the procedure. This is necessary to safely achieve the desired results

Is It Safe?

The treatment is easy and short. But it has a downside, including the risk of botched results and allergic reactions. Generally, there is always some inflammation after the treatment. And sometimes, discoloration also occurs. The discoloration usually lasts for several days, but thankfully there are a lot of options to diminish this fast.

You need to consult with a dermatologist immediately if you experience any complications. Also, you need to report it to FDA.


The effect of glutathione builds up over time. In general, it takes three to four weeks to see the final effect. Note: How effective your results will be will depend on how often you come for treatment.


The cost of glutathione injections can range from AED 1200 to several dirhams, depending on the number of syringes used, the skin type & tone, and the skills of the dermatologist. You better talk to a dermatologist about the exact price.

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