How Long Does It Take for Glutathione Injection to work

So you have finally decided to get your hands on the glutathione injection for wrinkles and fine lines? But are you anticipated to know about the results, how and when will they be shown? 

Here is all about the things you should know related to glutathione including how long it takes for it to work . Glutathione whitening injections in Dubai consistently are being used by many candidates and have shown very positive results.

What Are Glutathione Injections? 

Glutathione Injections are a combination of amino acids : glycine and cysteine. They are basically whitening injections that instantly work by lightning up the skin. The ideal treatment involves taking the injections more than once for desired results. 

How Does The Injection Work? 

The proper mode of action of Glutathione injection is best explained by the elimination of free radicals. It functions as an antioxidant and subsides the hyper pigmentation of the skin by decreasing the melanin production. 

How Long Does It Take For The Glutathione Injection To Work? 

According to skin experts and the feedback of other candidats  it is conferred that it takes about 2 to 3 weeks for injections to show their complete results however the actual results of the injection depends upon the following factors: 

General Condition Of The Candidate

Candidates who are below 30 and have a younger looking skin tend to show the results faster than candidates who are older and have wrinkled skin. 

Original Complexion Of The Candidate

Candidates who naturally have very hyper pigmented and dark skin tone take longer to show the results. This is because of the increased presence of melanin in their skin. For candidates who have normal and have slightly dusky skin tone will probably show the results in 2 to 3 weeks

Systemic Conditions Of The Body

Any patient with high blood sugar level, high blood pressure or any other systemic diseases have a very slow rate of absorption of the substances present in the injection. 


Candidates who have a faster rate of metabolism tend to show better results at a faster rate with glutathione injections in Dubai. This is not the case with people having slow metabolism. The science behind it is that the amino acid’s  absorption  depends upon the metabolism of the candidate. 

Frequency Of The Treatment

The best results are achieved at a faster rate on those who have been taking glutathione injections on a regular basis.

After Cares And Instructions

Candidates who religiously follow their aftercare and the post treatment instructions tend to achieve the desired results within a few weeks. 

How Are Glutathione Injections Administered?

The procedure of the administration of Glutathione injection is very simple and noninvasive. It does not require any surgical intervention and this makes it one of the best whitening injections in Dubai. 

The aesthetician will first numb the target sites of the face using local anaesthesia. Once the pain channels are blocked the mapped areas are then injected once or twice. 

The candidate is then left to rest and to examine whether any allergic responses emerge or not; if there are no reactions noticed then the patient is sent home with the after care and instructions. 

What Is The Cost Of Glutathione Whitening Injection? 

The Cost of Glutathione Injection in Dubai roughly starts from 500 AED per session. The cost may varies as per patient condition and number of sessions they required.

What Are The Benefits Of Taking Glutathione Injection? 

  • A perfectly white and bright complexion
  • Smooth and even skin
  • No more freckles, dark circles and hyperpigmented spots
  • Boosted confidence and social mingling

The Final Verdict!

If you are also worried about your skin complexion then choose Glutathione injections. They have been very effective in eliminating pigmentation and revealing a brighter skin within a very few days. However it is important to be patient and follow the guidelines and after care instructions religiously.