HydraFacial in Dubai

 Facials are the only solution to it. They become very necessary when you reach 30 because up to this time your skin starts to lose its collagen slowly and gradually. As a consequence, the early signs of aging start to appear. The techniques and massaging features involved in facials are highly effective. On the other hand, the face also starts to glow differently. You will be surprised to see that the conventional facials are now replaced with different kinds of facials becoming more and more improved.  Similarly a hydrafacial in Dubai is now introduced for the enhancement of the elasticity and tonicity of the face and its muscles. 

 What Is A Hydra Facial? 

 A hydra facial is a kind of facial that involves the exfoliation, cleansing, extraction and hydration of the face all one using a specialized device. It gently cleanses off the grime and dirt from the face without leaving off any scarring or redness, unlike other facials. Is done in a single session but for the effectiveness and immediate results the experts suggest that you need to take at least two to three sessions of hydra facial in a month

It is believed that hydrafacials are far better than regular facials because of multiple reasons.  Here is a closer look of the benefits and reasons why the hydra facial is hype over the regular facials. 

Is Hydra Facial Better Than Regular Facials?

Effective for every skin type

While regular facials are confined as separate for every skin type a hydrafacial is suitable for any kind of skin type either oily or dry. It is suitable even for those who have acne-prone skin or are blessed with clear skin as well.

Immediate Results

The reason for the popularity of hydra facial in Dubai is because of its instant and immediate results. Because it uses a high-pressure technology you can get the results very soon. 

Less Time Consuming

Unlike regular facials which take longer sessions and hydrafacial does not demand a lot of time investment from your side. Since the device is powerful enough to penetrate into the skin and exfoliate dead cells it does not take enough time to clear off.

 Do Not Leave Any Marks or Redness

You must be well aware that whenever you go for your regular facial at the salon you end up coming home with red patches all over your face. This is because of the finger motions that generate friction on the face giving you hot flashes. Put yourself at ease because a hydra facial can never generate frictional forces on your face. It is extremely gentle and will make your skin, even more, smoother than before. 

Helps in Getting Rid of Acne

The chemicals used in the regular facials irritate and upset people having acne-prone skin. This is not the case with a hydra facial  as it clears off the bacteria and grime that are favorable for the formation of acne. In some cases, it has also shown proven effect in fading of the scars as well

How Much Does A Hydra Facial Cost In Dubai?

 On average a  single session of hydra facial price in Dubai is about 599 AED. You can take it along with some other treatments like chemical peels or microdermabrasion also. 

Why Choose Us For Your Hydra Facial? 

 It is very true that people are always more concerned about their beauty than their bodies. The reasons why you should consider us for a hydra facial are: 

  • A clean and tidy environment
  • separate bed rest for everyone with privacy maintenance
  • sterilized equipment and tools
  • well trained staff and specialists 
  • high-frequency devices 

The Final Verdict!

Pamper your skin because it also deserves your attention like your body. Just spare at least 10 minutes from your busy schedule and book yourself an appointment for a hydra facial in Dubai. You will go home with rejuvenated and replenished skin free from blemishes and imperfections.