Hypertrophic Scars Removal Treatment, Recovery & Cost

A bright and glowing face is nothing with a tag of scars. Acne, pimples and breakouts all leave rigid marks and scars on the face that are very displeasing to see. However, they eventually fade with time. This is not the case with hypertrophic scars removal treatment. They are formed above the surface of the skin and have roots deep down. They are pigmented and at times are uncomfortable also. We have launched a very useful and effective hypertrophic scar treatment in Dubai that will remove the scar from the root and will leave your skin spotless. 

What are hypertrophic scars? 

Hypertrophic scars are raised, thick scars/bumps  that occur as result of abnormal healing of any injury or wound. Unlike other scars they do not fade or diminish over time. In Fact Hypertrophic scars need a prompt treatment that can remove them from the core of the skin. They are embedded deeply down in the skin and appear as raised pigmented bumps on the skin surface. 

What causes hypertrophic scars?

The major reasons that contribute to the formation of hypertrophic scars include: 


It could either be due to any chemical or exposure to ignition or fire. The secondary skin that forms after the burn often is healed leaving a thick unusual scar. 

Post surgical scar 

Any surgery that has caused the skin to tear open and then sutured( stitched) can also result in a hypertrophic scar formation. 


Any unavoidable infliction or trauma to the skin can lead to the formation of hypertrophic scars. They are very unappealing and lower the self esteem of a person. Using the choice of treatment can remove the scars permanently. 

What is the best treatment for hypertrophic scars in  the UAE?

If you are living in the UAE it is very likely that you come across people with perfect skin.  This is because the residents here invest a lot in their appearance, especially in their skin. If you are also concerned about the scars on your face then know that we are offering by far the best hypertrophic scar treatment in Dubai . 

Laser scar removal

It is not very surprising to know that laser treatments can now remove skin scarring without any marks or allergic responses. Laser treatment is a much more convenient method unlike surgical removal of scars. It is less painful and is not time consuming like other treatments. 

How is laser treatment for hypertrophic scars done? 

We have a team of skillful members who are successfully working in the esthetic department. They ensure to provide treatments that not only satisfy the candidates but also boost their self esteem and raise confidence. We also care for your time and comfort. Keeping all these things in mind we offer a laser removal treatment for hypertrophic scars. 

How do we do the procedure? 

A fiber diode laser is run through the scar to flatten and disfigure it. It works by clearing the emerging surface  and then the core of the scar. 

What happens after a laser scar removal treatment? 

  • Clear smooth skin 
  • No more warts or mole like scar
  • No indentations after the removal 
  • An even non- textured skin without redness 

How much does hypertrophic scar treatment cost? 

The average Hypertonic scar removal price in Dubai ranges from 800 AED to 2000 AED depending upon the condition and type of the scar. 

How is the recovery of hypertrophic scars treatment ?

When you have a hypertrophic scar treatment you should expect a quick recovery if you have followed the post op instructions well. It usually takes about fifteen days however following some guidelines can quicken up the process : 

  • Avoid sun explore 
  • Do not use any harsh chemical or creams 
  • Use a mild and gentle cleanser
  • Avoid extended periods on stay in front of the stove or heat 
  • Moisturize your face thoroughly 

Why choose us!

Looking for a right treatment for your scar removal? Book an appointment for your hypertrophic scar treatment with us. We ensure to give you spotless skin without blemishes and imperfections. You can call us for further information about the  laser scar removal cost in Dubai.