Well states, “Send some affection to your skin.

A smooth, bright, and youthful skin appearance for their whole life is a priority for all individuals. People invest huge amounts of money to retrain their childish baby skin in the name of expensive nourishing oils, creams, essences, and serums for a healthy skincare routine but get no change in their skin because of unhealthy diets, inappropriate use of cosmetics, sunburn, and aging leave more effects than these products. Don’t worry, we offer you the most reliable, effective, and reasonable solution. You may be able to attain a natural glow with the five steps At Dynamic Clinic, Hydrafacials are the most reliable option for all your problems It boosts your appearance and enhances your beauty. This is increasingly popular for pursuing and maintaining long-term skin health. It treats your acne, closes large and small pores, removes dead cells, and gives you flawless new skin by enhancing collagen formation.

The Aims of the Hydrafacial

HydraFacial in Dubai is a non-invasive skincare treatment that is well-recognized as a safe and effective acne cure. It makes use of unique technology and cleanses the skin of acne-driving and pore-clogging elements while reducing hyperpigmentation and scarring. It is a permanent solution for skin purities. This treatment makes it possible by utilizing a device that is connected to a rod that our esthetician uses to finish various settings of the method. The hydra dermabrasion device washes exfoliate and fill the skin with concentrated serums. It removes aging signs and provides baby-looking skin.

The Advantages of HydraFacial

This beauty treatment in Dubai is appropriate for all skin varieties and enhances a vast degree of epiderm problems and worries, with the following impressive benefits:

  • It minimizes the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Providing the skin with intense hydration
  • Exfoliating and cleansing the skin deeply
  • It reduces inflammation and redness.
  • Reducing the appearance of acne
  • Getting rid of skin blemishes
  • Nutrients and minerals strengthen the skin.
  • Skin style and inconsistency modifications
  • Creating a luminous complexion
  • It removes bacterial germs.
  • It aids in hyperpigmentation.
  • It closes the enlarged pores.
  • Gives fresh and new skin.
  • Reversing the effects of sun exposure
  • It reduces the appearance of brown areas.
  • Working as an anti-aging agent

The Five Steps of Hydrafacial

It is the most advanced non-laser skin resurfacing technology in Dubai, this medicated treatment is the only one of its type that works as a multi-tasker at the same time, purification, peeling, extraction, hydration, and antioxidant protection with hydra dermabrasion. When these treatments are combined, the outcome is a vibrant, attractive appearance with no pain. It performs the following five steps:

(1) Cleansing

The expert starts the treatment by cleansing the skin’s surface with a tiny device and inserting a mineral solution. This tool opens the pores and removes the top layer of makeup and lifeless layers of the cells. As it goes down the face, the washing procedure gently exfoliates the skin’s surface.

(2) Exfoliation

An excellent mixture of chemical exfoliators is included in the exfoliating serum. A bland chemical peel is provided by glycolic acid and salicylic acid. This procedure removes blackheads and acne-causing germs from deep within the pores and purifies them by eliminating additional dead skin.

(3) Vapraization

It is the only facial treatment that utilizes proprietary technology to deeply cleanse and remove impurities from clogged pores while offering important nutrients to moisten and rescue the skin. It delivers unparalleled non-invasive skin resurfacing to temporarily open pores. This procedure helps you to cleanse, exfoliate, and extract pollutants uniformly without causing skin injury. It works like a vacuum cleaner, removing dead skin cells, blackheads, and other debris. The extracted impurities are collected in a cup at the base of the extraction tool, giving patients visible proof of the extraction process.

(4) Extractions

This adaptable facial treatment can be adjusted to suit your specific aesthetic concerns safely and effectively. We can tailor several parts of the procedure, from serum boosters to suction power, to address your unique skincare needs. Because we tailor your treatment plan to your exact needs, your treatment will be unlike any other.

(5) Hydration

The extraction step is to supply a unique serum that will be put on your skin for a completely customized finish. The Vortex device is used in this step to infuse an essential component-rich solution into the upper epiderms to enhance suppleness and moisture. The serum gives newly cleansed skin, it gives the presentation of a silky, radiant, and hydrated finish.

Post-procedure Care

For better outcomes and long-lasting effects, you need to follow the instructions after getting done with the treatment:

  • Avoid excessive sun exposure and kitchen activities.
  • Only use the prescribed facial cleanser and wash after one day of the treatment.
  • Do not use face wipes that can harm your skin.
  • Apply Hylauronic Boosting Serum every day.
  • Use sunscreen every day.
  • Do not apply makeup after the procedure.
  • Stop waxing and laser therapies until the outcomes are known.


The Five Steps of Hydra Facial Treatment at Dynamic Clinic are very reasonable as compared to the competition. It ranges from AED 399 to AED 750, but the cost varies for all patients because it can be influenced by various elements, including the expertise of the doctor. The location of the clinic, followed by the expectations of the outcomes and the severity of the condition,

Why Choose Us?

We have highly experienced experts for Facial Reinvention in Dubai that can resolve all your problems. Whether you have acne, open pores, marks, or pigmentation, they perform successive treatments and give the most appropriate results without harm and negative effects. Because the effects of the procedure depend on the expert’s qualities, if you want clear and healthy skin, then just fill out the below-mentioned form and get your first free consultation. They will assist you with everything after examining the condition of your epidermis.