Hydra Facial For Oily Skin

Everyone desires skin that is supple, radiant, and youthful-looking. You might be able to attain a natural glow with a facial, which some believe is becoming more and more popular, rather than spending a fortune on oils, creams, essences, and serums in a multistep skin-care program.

A facial treatment called HydraFacial in Dubai thoroughly cleans, exfoliates, and hydrates your skin. Numerous skin issues, such as acne, dryness, spots, enlarged pores, greasy skin, and wrinkles, may be helped by this expert technique. A medical-grade resurfacing procedure called HydraFacial unclogs pores and improves skin’s firmness and elasticity, brightness, and evenness. It also reduces small wrinkles and moisturizes your skin.

Because it combines moisturizing serums with exfoliation akin to microdermabrasion, the HydraFacial is sometimes referred to as “hydradermabrasion” occasionally. It leaves your skin bright and healthy, making it a great treatment to take before an occasion. Initial effects typically last a few days, but improvements in overall skin health last for a few weeks to a month.

Advantages of Hydrafacials:

Hydrafacial in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is particularly helpful for skin renewal and radiance since they remove various skin pollutants. The primary benefits of the therapy are as follows:

  • It purifies and revitalizes the skin.
  • It gets rid of blackheads.
  • It helps to remove oil from the skin. 
  • The production of collagen is encouraged.
  • By lessening pigmentation, it evens out skin tone.
  • enhances how skin feels on a person.
  • cleans the pores of contaminants.
  • serves as a therapy for acne.
  • The procedure’s serum moisturizes and nourishes the skin while adding volume.
  • Sunspots are less noticeable.
  • aids in the skin’s renewal and regeneration.
  • The skin may appear more youthful and luminous as a result.
  • It promotes water balance and skin moisture restoration.
  • The face immediately glows as a result.
  • It hydrates the dry areas of the face.
  • It evens out the skin’s color.


Like other cosmetic and aesthetic treatments, the Cost of HydraFacial in Dubai can vary based on a number of factors, including the clinic’s location, the dermatologist’s skills and expertise, and the size of the region that has to be treated. The cost typically falls between AED 599 and AED 799.

Who Would be an Excellent Candidate?

This non-invasive technique is ideal for anyone who wishes to improve their beauty because there is no downtime or preparation needed. This therapy works on even the most sensitive skin types without causing discomfort or requiring the use of needles. When you speak with your skincare specialist, go through your areas of concern and the results you hope to achieve.

Hydra facials may improve the overall health of your skin and make your skin seem more vibrant. These facials can help you get better at:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Color and texture.
  • Flexibility and stiffness with vibration.
  • Skin that is clogged with oil.
  • Enlarged pores, black spots, uneven pigmentation sun-fading dry skin.

How Effective Is a HydraFacial for Oily Skin?

Utilizing cutting-edge vortex exfoliation technology, HydraFacial in Dubai removes dead skin cells to expose fresh skin. A special mixture of glycolic and salicylic acids is applied, and the effects are comparable to a Chemical Peels in Dubai & Abu Dhabi but without scaling. Then, blocked pores on the face are thoroughly cleaned using vortex extraction, a painless yet very powerful method. A serum with antioxidants and skin protectants makes the face feel clean and fresh.

A HydraFacial Treatment: Is It Painful?

The Best HydraFacial in Dubai is intended to be soothing and not irritate the skin. Although very sensitive skin may be slightly irritated by the serums used during the treatment, any discomfort usually goes away quickly thanks to gentle massaging and suctioning techniques.

How does the HydraFacial Procedure Function?

A professional aesthetician or a dermatologist can administer a HydraFacial. There are three steps to the process:

To assist remove dirt and oil from deep inside your pores, your provider presses a wand that resembles a vortex on your skin. To assist exfoliate and resurface your skin, they may also employ Chemical Peels in Dubai.

The wand’s attachment, which resembles a vacuum, is used by your practitioner to assist remove gunk from your pores.

Your doctor applies a moisturizing serum with antioxidants using a pen-like instrument.

A HydraFacial may be followed by other skin care procedures including light therapy or dermal fillers. These are not a component of the HydraFacial and are regarded as add-ons.

HydraFacial Post-treatment:

Each HydraFacial treatment lasts less than an hour, and there is no recovery time necessary. In contrast to more invasive procedures like Chemical Peels in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah you may immediately return to your regular activities.

It’s advised to avoid exfoliating treatments for the first several days following a HydraFacial even though you shouldn’t notice any redness or peeling after your session.


HydraFacial in Dubai’s 3-in-1 cleaning, exfoliating, and moisturizing technique may help address a number of skin issues in a single session. Consult a dermatologist about the cosmetic procedures that will best address your unique problems.