How to Make Lip Fillers Last Longer in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Dynamic Clinic

Lip Fillers? Make them Last Longer with Some Tricks!

Behind every sexy pout, there is always Lip Fillers Dubai– the choice of every celebrity. But sadly fillers are temporary. They go back in a few months later you need to repeat the same treatment. No matter the product or the doctor you pick, it can only last more not permanent. So far the need to keep fillers for the long term is never going. Owing to this craving, our patients mostly ask: How long will the filler results last? How to Make Lip Fillers Last Longer in Dubai? Though these two inquiries are most basic and every person needs to get some proper guidance in this regard.

This blog has enlightened all the secret tips that can help you enjoy plumper lips for the long-term. Continue reading.

Factors that determine the Longevity of Fillers:

As we all know fillers are just meant for the time being. They get dissolved in the body sooner or later but indeed they have to at some point. Though, by alerting of some factors you can actively keep the luscious lips longer.

Check out the four most dominant reasons that can cause early absorption of fillers.

  • Product Brand
  • Injection Technique
  • Post-care guidelines
  • Metabolic Rates

5 Tips You Must Know:

Although there is no magical way to keep the lip fillers last longer. Some daily routine doings can lead to early absorption of fillers and therefore reducing your results. Simply, by avoiding those activities you are expected to enjoy the perks of plumped pout even longer than the regular period.

Don’t Avoid Aftercare Guidelines:

First of all, stick with everything your doctor recommended. There might be specific aftercare for the unique condition of the patient. So you need to follow it. Such customized tips could let you keep the long-time results of lip fillers.

Don’t put Pressure:

After receiving an injection, try not to touch the injected area. Putting too much force on the treated areas can compromise the effort of your practitioner. Hence, it’s better to discuss the appropriate sleeping position with the doctor.

Though, for the first night of lip fillers, keep your head raised with an extra pillow. It could help with swelling.

Use a Good Sunscreen:

Direct interaction with sunlight can never let your lip fillers last longer. So how to make lip fillers last longer in Dubai? Simply- use high-quality medicated serum and hat as well during the peak hours of sun rays.

Sun exposures eventually reverse injectable fillers. High heat absorbs the Fillers Injection and lips tend to get back into their original shape. This is the reason we strongly encourage our patients to avoid sun exposure.

Hydration is Important:

Hydration is the key to plumped results of filler– you can keep your body hydrated by drinking enough amount of water. Plus, there are also some counter serums and moisturizers available in this regard. So get a suitable recommendation from our experts for your skin type.

Get More:

The best technique to have lifelong effects is – Get more. But at the appropriate time. Consistent upkeep ensures the fillers look noticeable, with no adverse impact on your appearance. Though, there is no harm in receiving a little amount of product frequently.

How Long do Lip Fillers Naturally Last? And for How Long I can Extend it?

In general, lip fillers last between 8-12 months. Sometimes they last more than this depending upon the aftercare you take. If you properly care for your lips by following the above tips and other recommendations, there is a chance to expect the preservation of plumped-up lips for up to 2-years.

In Conclusion:

Lip Fillers liquefy overtime. The volume in lips slowly fades over in the coming months.

This blog clarified some reliable tips to help maintain the extended results beyond the typical expectancy. Still, consultation is the right way to ensure what suits you the most.

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