Acne Scar Treatment in Dubai

You know that acne scars are even worse than the acne itself because they leave behind a very bad mark that keeps reminding you of the infliction your skin faced. Hyperpigmented scars are available but the hypertrophic at least cause are extremely devastating to see and they turn uglier day by day. Hypertrophic acne scar treatment in Dubai can minimize the appearance of these scars to a very considerable level.  

 You will be amazed to see that the area will become clear to such an extent as though there was no scar ever-present. 

What Are The Causes Of Hypertrophic Acne Scars? 

Self-Inflicting the Bump:

Many people have the habit of scratching or squeezing the bulb. It is an involuntary action but little do they know that the After-effects can version the bum. The germs and bacteria present on your hand transmit on the bum causing it to open up and enter the down into skin this eventually results in the abnormal healing of the scar. 

Allergic Response or Chemical Reaction:

If you have applied any agent without the advice of a dermatologist over the acne and it has gotten worse in response then it is very likely that it will turn into a hypertrophic scar. 

Overexposure of Sun:

Where the sun is a rich source of vitamin D it also has a detrimental effect on the people who have acne-prone skin. The UV rays of the sun are so strong that they can literally disrupt the acne by changing it into huge raised abnormal bumps. 

Adverse Reaction to DIY Home Remedy:

Never ever follow any DIY regimen on your face if you have very sensitive skin that is acne-prone. Sometimes these regimens often end up causing detrimental side effects. However, seeking an acne scar treatment in Dubai through a dermatologist can reverse the condition. 

What Are The Treatment Options For Hypertrophic Acne Scars

If you want to know how to get rid of  hypertrophic acne scars in Dubai then here is a closer look: 

Ice Your face:

Acne can often be soothed by using ice packs on your face. Just gently rub them on the effective area and leave it to air dry. The redness will eventually end and it will also prevent the formation of hypertrophic scars. 

Over The Counter Cleanser And Gels:

Retinols I said are one of the most effective against acne as well as the scars. Salicylic acid and Benzoyl Peroxide present in cleansers also have an impeccable effect on acne but they do not have any effect on the hypertrophic scars. 


If the acne is infectious in origin then it can be cured by the use of oral antibiotics however once the scar is raised and found on the surface then it is very likely you need to see a serious treatment as the antibiotics are not sufficient. 

Laser Treatments:

When nothing is working on the scars then the final and the only solution is to treat them with laser treatment. It is advisable to first consult the dermatologist and then go for it. Laser treatment in Dubai is by far the best hypertrophic Acne scar treatment in Dubai.  

Freezing and Cryotherapy:

Since the bumps are raised cryotherapy and freezing can also work for them. However, the healing is delayed and the treatment can be painful in the end. 

What Is The Cost Of Hypertrophic Acne Scar Treatment? 

Considering laser treatment by pico as the best, the  Acne scar treatment cost in Dubai is 500 AED which can be variable depending on the number of sessions and severity of the candidate. 

The Final Verdict!

Try to avoid picking and squeezing your acne bumps because they are the ones that lead to hypertrophic scars. The pigmentation does fade over time but the bump does not go on its own and you will need an Acne Scar treatment in Dubai for getting rid of it.  A session of the laser by Pico can be very effective on hypertrophic scars as it does not leave any redness or patches behind.