how to achieve the ultimate jawline

Having a sharp, defined, and contoured jawline is a difficult task in today’s world. Various lifestyle changes such as dietary changes, weight loss, weight gain, bad sleep habits, etc. play an important role in contouring the face shape. Excess fat can emerge anywhere on the body including face and neck. The fat accumulated in the area under the chin gives rise to a double chin. It affects the appearance of the face and lowers an individual’s confidence. Fortunately, there are several ways by which you can get rid of the weak jawline. Consult an expert to find out about all the jawline contouring options.

Achieve a Chiseled Jawline at Home:

While some people are blessed with a well-contoured jawline naturally, others need to follow certain tips to make their jawline attractive. Some important tips for achieving the ultimate jawline include:

  • Regular exercise can help you reduce unwanted neck fat.
  • You should avoid junk and fried foods as they have several harmful effects.
  • Try to lose your body weight.
  • Ball exercises, tongue stretch, and pucker up are very helpful in reducing the risk of a double chin.

Treatment Options for Chiseled Jawline:

There are several cosmetic treatments by which you can enhance your jawline. We offer several surgical and non-surgical treatment options to help people get a chiseled jawline in an effective manner. Best jawline contouring treatments include.

Try fillers:

If you want to improve your face shape non-surgically, you can have dermal fillers. Juvederm, Restylane, and Radiesse are the three most common fillers used to make jawline well-contoured. The ingredients in the fillers add volume to the affected region and provide people with a more youthful look. The downside of this option is that the results last for a few months so it is not a permanent solution. You are perfect for this treatment if you don’t have a lot of extra fat in your jawline because it works well for people who are close to having a contoured face. To know the cost of the treatment, you can visit us anytime.


A wonderful injectable treatment for individuals who are bothered by a double chin. Botox is injected into the masseter muscle to temporarily paralyze it and make it thin out. The results of botox are exceptionally impressive, the final outcome is more V-shaped face with a well-contoured, thin, and slimmer jawline. The good thing about this treatment is how cheap these injections are.


Fat in the area under the chin can also be removed through liposuction. In this technique, the heat produced by a laser is used to destroy unwanted fat. Unlike botox and dermal fillers, it is minimally invasive in nature so, administration of local anesthesia is very important during the operation. However, you should note that lipolysis does not deal with extra skin which means it removes extra fat only.


It is an amazing alternative to laser liposuction and double chin surgery. In this treatment, fat dissolving substances are injected in the chin through a series of injections. The body absorbs fat and results in contoured face shape. However, the patients may be asked to have up to five treatments to eliminate a double chin. You are advised to find an experienced practitioner for this treatment because if fat-dissolving substances are not injected properly, they can cause serious complications such as permanent nerve damage, severe inflammation, etc.

Neck lift:

If you want to permanently enhance your chin, a neck lift may be right for you. In this option, several small incisions are made in the neck to address sagging skin and muscles of the face. The patients notice a significant lifted effect as soon as the surgery is done. However, you should know that because of the invasive nature, you can expect swelling, bruising, and pain in your face post-surgery. And your work life might also be disturbed too because surgical procedures lead to lengthy recovery periods.

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