How Safe is Macrolane Injections

Things you should know about Macrolane injections:

Macrolane injections are specifically designed to help those women who want to increase the size of their breasts non-surgically. The treatment is FDA-approved and considered as the best alternative to the surgical breast implant. It uses hyaluronic acid which is the most widely used product of the cosmetic world.

The hyaluronic acid-based fillers are injected in the chest to add volume to the breasts and improve the overall body contour. It typically increases one cup size per session. Macrolane can also be used be to shape buttocks and calves. The treatment delivers quick results but yearly maintenance sessions are required to preserve them for a longer period. Treatment is short and takes almost 30 minutes so some people also call it “30-minute boob job”.

Real Benefits:

The best thing about the treatment is that you don’t need to stay in the hospital at night because no general anesthesia is used in it. Recovery time is also quick and the patient can continue your routine tasks as soon as the procedure is completed. No strict after-care is required. Bruising will appear on the injection site right after the treatment but it will be gone within 3-4 hours only. Temporary results can be considered as a big advantage because through this you can reshape your breast or buttock for a specific time period.

Macrolane vs. Breast Implants:

The breast implant requires the use of general anesthesia during the procedure whereas Macrolane breast fillers are injected under local anesthesia.

Macrolane injections are ideally suited to those women who want a small improvement in the look of their breast such as an enhancement of one cup size only. Women who want bigger changes should go for breast implants.

Safety Concerns:

The common concern of most people about any cosmetic surgery is its safety. Obviously, you are spending your time and dollars on it so you should know everything about the procedure. As far as the safety of Macrolane injections is concerned the product itself is completely safe to use. It has no long-term side-effects so does not harm the body in any way. The filers are injected under local anesthesia therefore side-effects of general anesthesia are also minimized. Macrolane is worth it because it significantly improves the size of breasts or buttocks without causing complications.

Who is not Suitable for Macrolane?

Before selecting Macrolane injections Dubai, you have to meet the expert so he/she can help you decide whether you can opt for the treatment or not. During the first meeting, the doctor will ask you some questions regarding your health and will review your medical history. After properly assessing your health he will make the right decision. I don’t recommend you to get the treatment if you are a pregnant or lactating woman or currently suffering from any infection or autoimmune disease.

Is there any Risk of Cancer?

It is the most frequently asked question by those women who are considering this treatment. Fortunately, the answer is no. There is no risk of cancer from Macrolane breast fillers.

Facts About Macrolane Side-Effects:

Almost every cosmetic treatment has some side-effects but they are temporary and minor. For-example following the Macrolane injections treatment you will experience slight bruising, itching or swelling in the injection site but they will fade within just 3-4 hours.

Factors Influencing the Overall Cost:

The treatment is affordable and almost every individual can get it. But there are some factors because of which the cost varies from person to person. The price of Macrolane injection treatment highly depends upon the size of the body part that is being treated i-e the larger the area the more is the cost. Another major factor by which it is affected is the amount of hyaluronic acid required.

Concluding Remarks:

The treatment helps you get rounded, curved and fuller breasts or buttocks in just a few minutes. It improves the body contour without leaving long scars behind. Your self-confidence and social life will be improved.

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