How Painful are Zygomatic Implants

General Overview: 

The regular dental implants are not very different from the zygomatic implants. Zygomatic Implants in Dubai are a procedure through which the dentist takes the help for the maintenance of the upper jaw. After the extractions in the upper jaw, the rate of bone resorption doubles the regular. 

In order to prevent this bone resorption zygomatic implants are placed. Nonetheless it is important to know how painful are zygomatic implants. Here is all about them and what you should know to keep the pain act distant after the zygomatic implants treatment.

What are Zygomatic Implants? 

Zygomatic implants or prostheses that are used in cases where the bone of the upper jaw is severely distorted or is prone to massive destruction. As the name indicates the zygomatic bone is present in the cheeks that has a very thin and low density. It is considered as a very sensitive bone and so very susceptible to fractures.

The zygomatic bone is a very favorable place for the insertion of zygomatic implants.  Likewise, zygomatic implants are helpful in providing enough strength and support to the jaw.

Uses and Indications of Zygomatic Implants:

  • It is used when the conventional implants have failed.
  • Any zygomatic bone and that is weak and is prone to resorption.
  • In cases of a failed sinus augmentation.
  • For the complete rehabilitation.
  • To resolve the area as that has been eroded after tumors or cancers.
  • Is placed after any traumatic blow or blunt punch into the zygomatic area that has caused the teeth to fall off.

How Painful are Zygomatic Implants? 

According to surveys and researchers a lot of patients have complained that zygomatic implants can be Painful.  after receiving a feedback and  responses from our valued candidates we have summed up about how painful our zygomatic implants by the following.


 If any candidate who is undergoing a Zygomatic Implant in Dubai & Abu Dhabi receives a single or a maximum of two implants you can see only a very mild pain after the treatment.  This is because the lesser the extent of the treatment the faster is the recovery and healing.


Candidates who already had a distorted zygomatic bone either due to any trauma will have to bear a mild pain after the treatment. This is because the pain will be in collection to the  treatment as well as the initial injury due to trauma. 


Patients who have received zygomatic implants after the wrath of cancer or tumor in their zygomatic bone will have to bear a lot of the pain after the treatment. This is because the extent of the damage was quite elongated and widespread. The pain may have extended after the surgery due to complexities. 

Factors Affecting the Pain After Zygomatic Implants:

The Type of Surgery:

Complex surgeries will generally generate a higher level of pain. The easier the surgery, the lesser the pain perceived by the patient.

However, the surgeons performing surgeries in our clinic ensure that even the complex surgeries should be done in such a manner that the pain or distortion to the other, underlying associated structures are not disturbed.  

The Skills of the Surgeon: 

A highly qualified surgeon will know all the skills and techniques that can keep the surgery as least invasive as possible. This will eventually keep the pain controlled.

Post Treatment Antibiotics:

The most common reason for pain after any treatment is the presence of infection. To limit the infection it is important that you should take your prescribed antibiotics regularly. 

Post treatment Care Instructions:

The post treatment care instructions play a major role in limiting the pain threshold after the treatment. They may include avoiding excessive mobility of your jaw, avoiding sucking movements, using liquid diet etc. 

Important Consideration:

Zygomatic Implants are a quite least invasive procedure that requires the use of bone grafts. The time taken is very less for the surgery and so the chances of the pain can be very less.

however it varies from patient to patient,  how the pain threshold can be.  There is always a certain amount of discomfort that is quite common after any surgery, be it a very complex one or a minor one.  However, the patient’s perception plays a major role. 


Zygomatic Implants in Dubai verily start from 5,000 AED and can extend up to 10,000 AED depending upon how complex the surgery is.

The Wrap Up!

Enhance your entire facial profile and restrict the bone resorption of his formatic bone by choosing the best Zygomatic Implants in Dubai from our clinic. Our clinic offers a free consultation upon booking an appointment and so grab this offer right now.